Creative Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

Tue, 09/18/2012 - 16:19 -- maiya

It is always difficult and complex job to find a perfect and unique gift for your girl. However, girls are quite emotional in nature therefore, any gift given with extra care and added love is special for girls. Stuffed toys, flowers, chocolate boxes, and jewelry they all make good gifts but these are something that everyone gives to their girls. Then how can you select different gift that not only touches her heart but proves be very special for her.

As I said girls are very emotional and they get more if you present her something which might not be very valuable or perfect but that shows your efforts while picking it up. Nothing can be more creative and special than a handmade stuff made by you exclusively for her. It is not very difficult but yes it requires some time from you and I guess we can do it to make the day of our love lady special and memorable.

So, on this birthday of her why don’t you collect all the old and new pictures of her from her school time, from her childhood, with her family and all the special events and make a big album with some creative and catch title like “Golden Moments” or “Special moments by life wrapped in a book” or “Can I get more lucky” to remind her about all the beautiful moments of life. The album will not only be special but she can rewind her life and all memories will flash in front of her eyes whenever she will open the album.

You can also gift her collage picture of all the happy times you both have spent together with a sweet little note in the corner of the frame. It will not only make a good wall hanging but it will also remind her of the time that she has spent with you.

Make her a calendar of the year that begins from the month of her birthday. You can customize the page of each month with the pictures of you and her, her friends and her, her family and her or only pictures of her. You can also customize it by using the memories from your trips. You can add personal hand written notes on various dates and special dates by highlighting it and a stamp posted on it.

You can also create a video clip that shows her life journey from her childhood to the date of her birthday, it will include pictures representing different time of her life, her favorite song as background music and special messages from her friends, family and other people she knows. Try out these ideas and see the magic.

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Maiya Hashmi