Common Fears That Ruin Relationships

Common Fears That Ruin Relationships

Tue, 10/02/2012 - 20:26 -- maiya

Being in a romantic relationship is one of the most amazing feelings in life. It changes our world completely. The world becomes brighter, fun, exciting and somehow we just start living in our own small world and don’t have a time to see what others are doing as we ourselves tends to be so much involved with our own relationship. However, as it has been said that beginnings are not always easy, it takes time for people to get adjust and also people are not always certain or confident enough about their relationship when they get into it and they have got certain fears related to it that just spoils the whole beauty and charm of a relationship. In short, it ruins the relationship completely.

Whenever we start a relationship, it is normal to have anxiety about it and to have little doubts after all you started it because you wanted to know your partner more. Everyone desires to have a healthy, romantic and long term relationship and having such a relationship is possible but you need to put in efforts to achieve it. In the start of the relationship we don’t know whether the person we are dating is the one about whom we have dreamed whole our life and after identifying it we start to construct a healthy relationship. There are no specific reasons for fear and insecurities. They come naturally but you need to have control over it otherwise you will end up losing a nice guy and beautiful relationship.

The common fears that people faces in relationship and that spoils the relationship are following:

Fear of intimacy

It is the one of the most common fears among the partners and especially girls. We just don’t trust the person enough or think that the relationship still needs time or you just feel like that person doesn’t deserve it. And it is not always about giving but partners with such fears are also reluctant to receive it and accept the love of other person which casts serious doubts in the mind and the heart of other partner and they start thinking that you didn’t want to be in relationship with him in first place or hurt their feelings badly. To be in a happy and healthy relationship you need to open up yourself and trust him.

Losing an individual identity

The fear of losing one’s identity because of being in a serious relationship is another reason that ruins the relationship. The one of the most highlighting feature of a long and healthy relationship is that both partners are involved in it equally and they both put in their efforts to make relationship beautiful and work in hard times. if you feel like that your partner is way too dominant or you don’t feel comfortable because of his unnecessarily bragging habits and narcissist personality then instead of keeping this fear within you, talk to your partner about it. If he really values you and cares for you he will understand it and will respect your views and if he doesn’t then you need to take some serious decisions.

Fear of responsibilities

Every new relationship brings new responsibilities. In such case just be confident and keep telling yourself that you can do it and if you won’t be able to do it all alone then your partner is always there to hold your back and to support you. Again this is the situation where you need to speak to your partner and tell them that you can do certain things and you won’t be able to do certain things.

Fear of change

I don’t understand it why people are afraid of changes when we know and believe that nothing lasts forever and change is the part of the nature. It is the change that has kept his world so lively and young even after more than billion years. So if you are afraid of change, just think positively about it. Changes are not always bad. They prove to be good most of the time. The only thing it requires from you is acceptance. And in a relationship you have to accept so many changes and later you won’t regret over it. However, resistance may worsen the situation and relationship. So, to maintain your beautiful relationship just go with the flow and be flexible.

Fear of losing freedom

This is the one of the most common fears among boys and girls and it has to be there because in the kind of world we are living in, and in the kind of environment we are working we don’t like restrictions but don’t you think that you are partner also belongs to the same century, same world and will have the similar fear. The best thing about today’s relationships is that people are getting more understanding towards each other and respects each other privacy.

Whatever is your fear just speak to your partner about it because when you are in a relationship, the best person with whom you can share all your problems and fears about your relationship is with a person with whom you are in relationship because he/she might also be facing similar fears and you both might be able to help each other and understand in a more better way than anyone else.

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