Changes In Relationships That Women Hate

Changes In Relationships That Women Hate

Wed, 10/31/2012 - 18:59 -- zena

Remember when you first starting dating each other? You were always freshly shaved and was always polite in her presence. You looked good and smelled good. You always had a smile on your face and you were very sweet. You compliment her in every little way. You call her and you even send her messages every now and then. You like giving her things and you like taking her out. But now that you have been with her for so long, it is like the mask that you wore for her has started breaking and is now started to show your true form, slowly and surely. It is no surprise that when a relationship becomes long term, people change. She changes and so do you. You stop doing the little things that you used to do and then you start doing things that you never even dared to do in the past. These changes are inevitable and natural although some of them are annoying to some women.

So, where to begin? As you know, I am a woman too. Thus, I have experienced this personally. I have been in a many long relationships before and thus know these changes all too well. I remember even re-assessing my past relationships over the changes that have happened to not only my partners but also the relationships themselves. I guess being more comfortable with each other and feeling more at ease tends partners to become more relaxed and not mindful of the things that they say or do. Believe it or not, most men don't realized that they have changed unless being told. Unfortunately, the same goes for the women.

First on this list is you not really minding your appearance anymore. Women desire handsome men in different forms and levels. So, if you are with a woman for so long and have decided to go scruffy and start slacking off then, be careful. Most women are not comfortable with this sort of change. Men who loosen up on some of their hygienic responsibilities that their partners used to know are usually the target of this kind of change. I am not saying that being casual with your girlfriend or wife is bad. I am just saying that you still shouldn't forget that you need to look good, smell fresh and stay in shape so as to keep the attraction alive. Always remember that if you will stop taking care of yourself then she might assume that you don't care about what she thinks about you. I am sure you wouldn't that. Neglecting yourself means neglecting her. Thus, making her feel like you do not care about her anymore.

Women desire handsome men in different forms and levels

Next up is when a man starts to let go around his partner. As I have mentioned earlier, letting go isn't so bad. It can be done at times but never always. Unleashing the occasional fart and burp is funny but doing it all the time is just downright disgusting. Remember that she is your partner thus, she should not be treated like one of your guy friends. She is someone special to you and thus, she should be treated as such.

So, what happens when a man starts forgetting important days or dates related to his partner? Of course, his partner ends up getting pissed off. Such a case happens to couples who have been together for a long time. When you weren't together for years, you used to remember every single birthday she had and every single anniversary you were supposed to share. You always greeted her and gave her presents. You always make her happy on such special days. But after several years of being together, you start changing. I understand that get busier but sometimes women don't need a lot of gifts from their partners on special occasions. Just the thought of their partners remembering and greeting them is thoughtful enough. If a man forgets, a woman feels that he is lacking consideration towards her and that you are starting to put less and less effort in making sure the relationship will work. Taking her out would lighten that mood though. Bringing her presents would be nice every now and then too.

Remember the saying, flattery goes a long way? Well, it does. Women hate it when men stop complimenting them. Noticing the changes that others see in her would make her feel like even after years of being together, she is still the apple of your eyes and the center of your affection. Telling her how beautiful she is when she gets a new haircut will make her happy. Complimenting her on her new dress would be nice too. If you stop giving her compliments, she will feel that you do not notice her anyone thus will make her feel insecure. Remember that women need not only your love and affection but also your attention. If you do not provide her with all those then, she might end up looking for them elsewhere. I am sure you wouldn't want that.

Sure, most women ended up loving the mercurial Christian Grey from E. L. James' novel, Fifty Shades Of Grey, but that doesn't mean that you have to go mercurial on your partners to be loved too. You used to control your temper when you are around her and now, you start doing it. Who wouldn't be annoyed by that? Just when she thought she went into a relationship with an even tempered person. Now, you constantly get irritable. You start getting impatient about everything and complain almost half the time. Who would want a partner like that? Would you?

Fictional men are not real. They are made up by women to compensate for what some men of reality are lacking.

In the past, you were happy to spend time with her and with those around her but now, you are not willing to do it. You also used to watch romantic comedies and chick flicks with her but now, you just want you to watch action movies all the time. You used to asked what she wanted and then contemplate on what choice you both can make together. Making compromises is essential in every relationship. Being considerate is another. Always remember that women find this one of the most offensive out of all the things on this list. If a woman doesn't see you reciprocating, chances are, you might get thrown out of her life for good.

Last but not least, avoid relationship apathy. One of the sure benefits of being in a long term relationship is the fact that you have the privilege to be yourself around someone. Trying to impress someone and keeping the facade on is just exhausting. Unfortunately, this advantage can also become a disadvantage if not taken seriously. So, be yourself but remember that your partner should never ever lose respect towards you. Otherwise, what kind of relationship would it be if your partner doesn't even seem to do so.

All relationships have advantages and disadvantages. Whether you are in a short term or long term relationship, changes can gradually happen. The only thing that is constant in the world in change but not everyone can adapt to it easily. Women are part of that equation. Most women believe that their relationships will end up perfect. Just like the characters that they have read about in their fictional novels or their fairy tales. Fictional men are not real. They are made up by women to compensate for what some men of reality are lacking. Men cannot really promise such relationships to women. That is just absurd however, no matter how impossible it might be, it wouldn't hurt to try. Trying in a relationship only means you really want to make it work and nothing makes a woman happier.

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