Caught that creep red-handed cheating? Here’s how to move on.

Sat, 07/06/2013 - 18:49 -- amber

These days it is really hard to trust people, even the people who are so closed to you and you can’t imagine your life without them are not at all trustworthy. In fact people who are closed to you, know all your strengths and weaknesses can hurt you so badly that no person who is not so close to you can hurt you. These days it is very hard to find a person who is loyal and deserve your love and care because people have became so self-centered, selfish and mean that even in relationships they just see their personal gain and interests despite of valuing their partner and relationship and this is one of the reasons that why relationships in today’s world doesn't last for long and why fairy tales have become dreams and fantasies.

But no matter how far we go in terms of technology, freedom, development some things remains same and out of those things is the cheating on partner which was unacceptable and intolerable in the past, it is still not acceptable today and it will not be tolerated in future. When you find out that your partner is cheating on you, it just not break your heart but it breaks you too from inside and cheating which is caught should never be forgiven. If the your partner comes to you and confesses the fact that he/she was cheating on you then that’s the different story and will be tackled differently but if you find out that the person you trusted and loved has violated it then no excuses and reasons are acceptable.

The fact that your person is cheating on you is the biggest turnoff and an open door for you to walk out and move on without looking back and thinking that your partner might love you. If your partner would have loved you then he/she would have never cheated on you and if they did they would have confessed it in front of you much earlier than you would have found out about it.

More you will think about the cheating more your feeling will die for your person and such person doesn’t deserve you, your loyalty, your love, care and sacrifices and is really not worth of your tears. When he didn’t thought about you once and cared about the fact that how will you feel if you will find about this dirty secret of your partner then why are you thinking so much before moving on. You have got life for one time and you should not be wasting it on such person who doesn’t love you and is not loyal with you. Even thinking about him/her is a waste of a thought and energy that you can utilize on some other work that makes you happy and never ever think that there was some fault in you and that’s why it happened. You are just perfect the way you are it’s just his values, character and choice which is unrelated to you. In nut shell, he/she is the one who has got flaws. Cheating breaks a person to their core therefore, don’t even think about giving such person a second chance they are not worth it and you don’t deserve it as well. Just move forward without listening to any excuse and pondering over it. This person doesn’t deserve to be with you for your whole life and you too are worthy of getting best and loyal people around you.

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Amber Hoffman

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