Bored out of your marriage life?

Bored out of your marriage life? Here is How you can re-ignite it

Wed, 12/12/2012 - 15:29 -- maiya

We humans are very strange is a way. The relationship in which we get into makes our life beautiful and we fight with circumstances to be with our partner just to grow old with them. When the relationship is new we dream about how it’s going to look like future, we hope to get up every morning with our partner laying next to us, having breakfasts with them, then dinner. Thus, we think of spending all the moments of life with them. However, after few years of marriage we start realizing that something is missing, the relationship has lost its spark, we pick up fights on small things, the dreams of spending each and every moment with our partner turns into the arguments of having our own space and privacy, the excitement starts to transform into the boredom and somewhere that passion just fades away.

The first thing that we need to accept is that your partner will not always be like the person, he/she used to be in college or when you met them. Time changes, people grow so do relationships. You yourself will not stay same with the passing time then how can you expect your partner to be the same teenager doing old same things. Your relationship grows and your partner grows too. You need to recognize the fact as person acts differently in all different phases of his life; relationships also have phases and different colors and when should accept it and enjoy each color. You might not find the same fun and boldness in your relationship, but if you notice there will be a grace and satisfaction in your relationship now. So accept the fact and act accordingly the age of your relationship.

Dating your partner again in not at all a bad idea, ask them out just like old days they will be surprised by this

If you grow old it doesn't mean you are out of league and now you cannot have the romantic and passionate relationship. You certainly can re-ignite the romance and passion in your marriage but it will be little different yet equally fun for you. The first step towards breaking the boredom of relationship is having a good communication ties with your partner. How long it has been that you two have chatted with each other the way you guys used to do in past? As life goes on and as relationship grows, without realizing that we somewhere starts to ignore our partner and marriage and we get too busy with the other goals of life which is not right. Work will continue for your whole life but don’t ignore your partner in that journey of success. Take out free time and take out your partner on date and start spending quality time. Observe what are their likes and dislikes now and how much they have changed and whether that change is positive or negative. Dating your partner again in not at all a bad idea, ask them out just like old days they will be surprised by this.

How long it has been that you haven’t praised your partner. Why don’t you start passing out random compliments on her/him. Stare them when they are getting ready, it will make them nervous and feel shy. Make breakfast for them and start having your breakfasts, lunch and dinners together. Talk about your day, ask about their day. Surprise them with gifts or plan a vacation where you two can spend time alone. Bring new outfit for her and insist her to wear it on a dinner. Be more physical. Physical touch will not only help you to connect with your partner but it will bring back the old passion and spark in your relationship. Try out new things to spice up your bedroom relationship. It will not only enhance the excitement in your marriage life but it will also increase the emotional intimacy and energy levels.

Conclusively if you want to re-ignite your marriage life then you need to find the lost love and passion in your relationship. Relationships are like flowers, you need to look after them or else they will wither.

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