5 signs telling your relationship is over

Sat, 07/06/2013 - 18:43 -- amber

As you get the signs from your partner when you think and initiate a relationship with him/her, in the same way you get clues which indicate that things will not work anymore. However, you can always work on your relationship to save it as soon as you start getting following signs which will tell you that your relationship is moving towards dead end.

Communication is considered to be very important in your relationship and plays great role when you start a new relationship and when you build it stronger. If you guys have stopped talking to each other, expressing your feelings and if you prefer to spend your time in offices, with friends or other social activities and you seem to be uncoupled and separated with each other then it is the sign. When you start feeling uncomfortable with your partner and you take a sign of relief when you are not together it means that things are dead, the relationship is dead.

However, whenever the communication is something that is lacking in your relationship and you have sensed it then it means the relationship is not completely dead and if any of you try to revitalize your relationship and starts trying then it is a good thing. However, if other person is not concerned and refuses no whatever you do to make things work then it indicates that the other person is not in the relationship with you anymore and that it is over from his/her side.

There is no attraction left between you two and you even don’t feel like making love with each other just like old times is the sign that the relationship has withered. If there is no passion left between you two and your spirits are low then it is the clue that the relationship is dead. The mutual respect has gone, you people just look out for the reasons to pick up the fight, you people do every possible things to turn off and piss off each other and whenever you talk, it is nothing more than an ugly argument and when either of you feel alone, dismissed is the sign that your relationship has became poisonous.

Lastly, when your long term goals are different from each other and you are not willing to make any kind of compromise or give up any of your goal to save your relationship with the partner shows that now your paths are different.

Despite of all the above signs you can still work on your relationship and you never know it breathes new life into your broken relationship. Therefore, before deciding anything do try once to save your relationship.

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