4 Signs he’s not in to you

4 Signs he’s not in to you

Sun, 12/02/2012 - 19:17 -- maiya

It is common to hear such phrases about women that they are confused, twisted and most of the time she doesn’t know what she wants and it’s hard to understand a woman. The later part also goes very well in case of men because to it takes a life time to understand men. Even they are not very easy to understand and it can be very tricky to tell what’s going on in their mind.

To understand men is complicated and tricky. There are times when he is friendly with you, co-operative and all those nice fancy adjectives you can use to describe him but still you are confused whether he likes you or not. If a guy is being nice to you doesn’t necessarily means that he is into you and likes you. At times they are just nice without any reason and when they are nice because of some motive behind it then you will know about it because if a guy doesn’t like you then he will tell you straight away or else he will start leaving clues for you in order to communicate that he will not say this on your face but he is really not interested in you.

The first part of telling directly is simple and straight. There is nothing complicated about it. Though, complications and confusions arise when he doesn’t use words but tries to communicate it with gestures and his actions. You will not have the difficulty in getting the message from a guy that he doesn’t like you most of the times but there will be times when you will not get the message and will end up with anxiety and confusions.

There are many signs that can indicate that the guy is not into you. You just need to see and evaluate things carefully and logically keeping your feelings and emotions aside. Trust me girls, you really don’t need a guy and want to waste your time on guys who can’t like you back because for a time being you might think that things are going to be fine and at least he is with you but in real your life will begin to get worse day by day and you will be surrounded by depressing vibes.

The first and most important thing that guy is not interested into you is that he doesn’t talk much with you, never initiates the conversation and whenever you guys talk it is not meaningful and most of the time is related to sex and nothing else. The guy simply don’t have anything to talk about and whenever you try to initiate a good conversation he just ends it up by answering you in certain way that beyond that point even you don’t know how to build up the conversation. The guy is not trying to get to know you, neither he shares much about him or his personal life or how did he spend his day. He replies to your messages in hours even in days and rarely answers your phone calls. Stop chasing such guys, they don’t deserve you.

here are times when he is friendly with you, co-operative and all those nice fancy adjectives you can use to describe him but still you are confused whether he likes you or not.

The second sign to tell that he is not into you is that he will never make any long term plans for you. If you will ask him what is the future of your relationship or the thing which is between you guys, not interested guys will avoid answering such questions and by forcing them to answer they will simple say either they don’t know or they haven’t thought about it yet, or it is too soon talking about it or some other lame reply to wrap up the discussion. If he is doing all this then he is not a reliable and interested guy.

He is hiding relationship from his family and friends and whenever he meets his friends and if you are with him, he introduces you just like another friend and if you are not with him he even doesn’t talk about you and he is not at all sharing this news with anyone then he is the guy who is not going to stay for long and is clearly not interested in you. There are many guys out there who will tell you that they are waiting to get certain that things are working out between you people and once they will be share about it then they will announce it all loud is just a way to get your confidence so that you stop irritating him with such questions that he is avoiding because he knows that he is not interested and will soon be free from it.

If you guys are talking and suddenly he starts staring at other women just in front of you or starts to show interest in your girl friends then it is a clear sign that he is not interested in you. In short, look out for all the signs and signals that are coming to your way and if you are still confused then confrontation is the best way to clear up the things.

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