3 Things You Should Never Tell Your Guy About

3 Things You Should Never Tell Your Guy About

Tue, 10/23/2012 - 22:01 -- maiya

People in old times said that relationships are all about sharing, not keeping anything to yourself or hiding it from your partner. However, this advice might not work every time and this also doesn’t mean that if you are skipping to tell and share something with your boyfriend is dishonesty. It is just a precaution that you are taking because by telling about certain things you don’t want to upset, disturb and irritate your boyfriend. You don’t want to get your partner into any kind of insecurities. Therefore, burying some things in your heart is the better option than revealing too much that might steals away the charm and happiness of your relationship. So be careful what you are saying and to what extent you are sharing. It is not at all advisable to speak out everything that comes into your mind that just ends up in hurting the feelings of your partner, destroying his trust over you or reducing his confidence.

What to tell and what not to tell is totally your decision and it also depends on your instincts. However, to help you out in deciding what are those things that must be kept locked in the secret closet of yours and must not be shared with your boyfriend has been listed down.

Avoid talking about your past relationships and your formers

Avoid talking about your past relationships and your formers. They are history and must be kept in the past. It is irrelevant to bring them up in the discussion and telling how good or bad things were between you and your ex-s. There is no need to waste time talking about people who are gone out of your life. Instead spend that time talking about you and your boyfriend and in creating lifelong moments. If he himself asks about it then do tell him but be careful about the extent you are sharing and the details your boyfriend is expecting. Don’t add on extra things just because he was the one to ask you and never start telling him about your past relationships by yourself plus don’t ever compare him or anything he did for you with your ex.

Don’t praise and complement his best buddy in front of him. There is no need of telling him that how much hot and charming you find his friend. It will make him insecure, it will sour his friendship, he will start getting stupid thoughts in his head and god knows what he starts to feel and think and also don’t say anything bad about his friends like how annoying they are. So it’s better not to initiate such things that pose problems in your relationship at some later time.

Don’t say anything negative about his momma. Boys might not show it but they are small babies of their moms and they can’t take any word against their mothers. So, be careful when you are complaining or gossiping about something that is related with their mothers.

Don’t keep reminding him about how many kids you want. He is not insensitive or its like that he doesn’t think about it. It’s just that he doesn’t want to hear it all loud and doesn’t want to talk about it until and unless you guys are ready for it.

Therefore, always keep your communication constructive and don’t bring up any topic which confuses him, irritates him, forces him to give up, is just another excuse to fight and when you are not ready to take his comments on particular topic. A relationship no doubt is beautiful and their charm increases with the time but it is only depends upon the way you are handling your relationship and understands your partner.

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