10 Signs That He’s Cheating On You

Mon, 09/03/2012 - 17:01 -- maiya

Marriage or being in a relationship with the guy you love is the most amazing feeling in the world. For women nothing can be more precious and valuable than her relationship and nothing can make her so happy than being in love. However, these relationships are very fragile and are not perfect but still then we expect so much out of it and we blindly trusts our partner that he will never do any such thing to hurt us and these assumptions don’t always prove to be right. Nothing can be more exciting for a woman to be in a relationship and putting all her efforts to make it most beautiful thing for their partner as well and nothing more can break a woman when she finds out that they guy she trusts so much is actually cheating on her.

Being in a relationship or getting married to your love in undoubtedly precious and one should be very positive about the whole arrangement. However, being positive and trusting doesn’t mean you start living in a fantasy and start ignoring the unusual and newly developed habits of your guy which may be indicating that he is cheating on you. I m not saying start spying on him, stop trusting him, start acting like a pessimistic and start becoming a control freak. The only thing that is important for all women is to be a sharp observer and always keep their minds and eyes open to in order to protect their selves from hurting and also in keeping your relationship save as well. Changes don’t appear just like that. It takes time and it reflects and displays some symptoms. All you need to do is to catch those clues. Same goes with the human behavior, it doesn’t change in one night, it takes time and there are always reasons and certain behaviors that back up the cheating that is being done by your partner. Following are ten important symptoms that indicate that your guy might be cheating on you. Don’t start spying on him but yes keep your eyes and mind open.

Past Records

How much do you know about the past of your guy? Do you know why his previous relationship failed? The past records are really important to trace down whether he is cheating on you or not. If he has been accused or caught for cheating before then there is no way you can trust such person. It will be just like an alarm to wake you up that he can also do so with you as well.


Is your guy one of those who thinks that they are superior and no one can ever reach to them and they deserve all luxuries, praises and rewards. If your guy is of this personality then might cheat on you as they feel like that they don’t have to follow any rules.

Increased get-to-gathers and meetings

If suddenly you notice that he has got new friend circle with whom he is always going out for dinners or parties or all of sudden the office meetings has got so much that he is rarely at home and whenever you ask him for his time, he tells you that he was busy with work. If this is the case then there might be something fishy going on.

Avoiding eye contact

Are you feeling like that whenever you ask him about the reasons behind his sudden work load or his unavailability he gets nervous or tries to switch the topics or doesn’t give you clear answer and avoids to have an eye contact during all the question phase. If you have observed all these things in him then he must be up to something.

Extra care and attention

Suddenly he has started being too sweet; he is giving so much attention to you and has started caring for you a lot than he used to do previously. That’s the sign that something is wrong. When a guy is cheating on you, it is not necessary that he will always ignore you, being too sweet is also an indication. Don’t become defensive, maybe he wants to share something that he is not able to communicate that easily or may be whatever he is doing involves his true feelings but it can also indicate that he is guilty of cheating on you. So before taking any action, think, investigate and when you are certain then only take action otherwise you might end up hurting him and running your relationship on the basis of some false doubts.

Too many phone call or text messages

He has been getting lots of phone calls than he used to get before or he is busier in playing with his phone and his phone always ringing is the time you wake up.

Explanations and explanations

You ask a simple question and he starts getting very serious about it and begins to give explanations even for the things you haven’t asked are surely a sign.

He is Shy

Suddenly you have observed that he is too shy to change in front of you or he is not getting intimate with you or you haven’t make love from a very long time or he avoiding to spend a time with you all alone are all the signs that he might have someone else in his life.

Excuses and more excuses

You think that whenever you asks for anything he starts making excuses and starts lying about things and even you find so many of his statements contradictory and he always gives you a new excuse for the same question or things.

Bank statements

All of sudden you have started seeing additional expenses and not so strong cash flow. You get to notice some doubtful purchases or purchases of certain items that are used by females and you suddenly recognize that he has not gifted you anything then where all this stuff is going. This is the moment that asks for some really good answers.

Above mentioned are only symptoms or signs, they might be true or they might just be an assumption. Therefore, before taking any action or accusing your partner for cheating you must investigate properly and take appropriate actions when you are certain that he is cheating on you.

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