A Few Tips for Conversation on a First Date

Sat, 05/19/2012 - 21:00 -- jcartwright

The conversation is always the deal breaker. Book a table at the finest restaurant in town and spring for a wine they have to go to the cellar to get, nice things to do sure. But don’t forget the essential.

A conversation full of awkward pauses and flat comments will make for a bad date no matter where you are, be it some swanky Iron Chef’s creation or McDonald’s. The way you talk will make or break your date. So take the time to remember the following things before you open your mouth.

5 Things to do before you invite a woman to your place

Fri, 04/27/2012 - 13:52 -- jcartwright

At last, the moment has arrived. She stands divine upon your doorstep. Graciously, you open the door. Lightly, she enters the parlour. She compliments the furnishings, you accept demurely; your mothers taste was always impeccable. She asks to use the ladies’ room. Gallantly, you lead the way. With elegance she opens the door…and supresses a gasp of horror. You have forgotten to clean the bathroom!

Dating: Some Ideas

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 00:11 -- jcartwright

People put themselves through a lot of pain when it comes to dating. Worry, angst and in general unnecessary dithering seem to come with dating. The truth is that people need to relax.

As anyone who stops to think a little will realize, if things are going to go well, then things are going to go well. If not, so be it. Having said so much, here are a few thoughts/ideas on and for dating.

Public Displays of Affection Approved By Men

Sat, 04/07/2012 - 16:17 -- amber

Men are the worst about acting like they don’t know who you are in public even if you have been dating for a year. There is just something about public displays of affection that make men sick. They don’t like it, think it’s cheesy and will never initiate it. As women, that drives us absolutely crazy. Why aren’t they proud to show us off? Are they mad at us? These questions occur every time you’re in public with your man. However, there is certain gestures that men are okay with.

Building up romance

Wed, 02/15/2012 - 21:24 -- amber

You can just feel it: that special friend is also interested in you, and all what you need is the right combination of events to kindle that initial spark of attraction between you.

Asking somebody out when you intend to establish a relationship with that person in the long term is not an easy thing to do. When you find yourself in one of these cases, it's usually about someone whom you have known for a long time, and most likely, she (or he) is your friend. This article provides some hints to deal with the complex process of jumping from friendship to romance.

The Men to Watch Out For

Mon, 01/30/2012 - 21:55 -- amber

When we begin dating as young teenagers, our mothers are quick to tell us what kind of boys we are supposed to stay away from. But what about when we are older? Is there some sort of handbook that lists guys to avoid? Well, there is now.

First, there is the work-a-holic man that is only dating his BlackBerry. He may appear successful, attractive, smart and overall a good catch - and he is. However, this man is no where near ready for commitment and cannot provide you with the quality time you need to build a long term relationship.


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