When Online Dating Goes Wrong

When Online Dating Goes Wrong

Sun, 09/30/2012 - 23:28 -- amber

While there are success stories of couples meeting online and living together happily ever after, this type of dating can go terribly wrong at times. Here are a few real life scenarios that could happen to anyone:

Thanks to the emergence and popularity of the internet, we are more connected with people around the world, which seems to make it easier for us to expand our social circles. Because of this phenomenon, more people are trying out online dating, since in real life we can usually only meet new people within limited social circles, such as a friend of a friend. In the past, online dating had a very negative reputation, since people had the impression that only desperate and lonely people signed up for these sites as a last resort.

When you sign up onto a dating site, you are presented with a large range of choices and some sites try to match someone with your personal preferences. Since there is a large number of profiles to choose from, people tend to have higher standards and try to find an ideal man or woman of their dreams online. You can easily fool people online by putting a younger or an edited photo of yourself online, so when the interest builds up and you finally meet them in real life, most people end up extremely disappointed, since the person will turn out to be 5 inches shorter or have extremely bad skin.

Other than unrealistic expectations, there are also a large number of internet scammers online. Since most women want romantic men who feed them with cheesy lines and compliments, internet scammers take advantage of this and try to impress the women by sweeping them head over heels with their “romantic” and “sensitive” side. They usually target older women, since they are less familiar with the dangers of the internet and they tend to trust people more easily than the younger generation. Internet scammers usually create a fake profile online and use a video loop of another person to replace their webcam when they are chatting online. This phenomenon is the most common on sites like chatroulette, since you can easily find a video loop of a random person on popular sites like Youtube.

So if you are planning to get back into the game of dating, I would suggest meeting people in real life instead to have a realistic first impression. Instead of meeting new people online, there are also other ways to expand your social circles in real life, such as joining a singles club or joining classes that match your hobbies, such as barista courses. As long as you go to events with an even ratio of men and women, it will guarantee a higher chance of you meeting the man or woman of your dreams!

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