What Should You Wear on a First Date?

What Should You Wear on a First Date?

Thu, 01/31/2013 - 10:28 -- maiya

First date not only brings so much excitement and eagerness but it also brings confusions and lots of questions like what should be the venue of first date? What will impress the other person? What to talk about? How much should be shared on first date and most importantly what to wear on first date that not only makes you look good but best in the whole crowd that you date can’t take their eyes off you.

Gone are those days when people used to think that guys don’t consider about the way they should be dressed up for first date and they are more under pressure of deciding on the venue, their behavior and the conversations with their date. All this is true but guys do also consider what they should be wearing on first date and women are always concerned about their looks, dress, shoes and other accessories and when it comes to a first date, they will leave no spot of imperfection and will try to look at their best.

What should be wearing on first date highly depends on the venue of the date. If you are going for a game, wearing a short dress, high heels and heavy makeup for girls and for a guy wearing a suit will make you guys nothing less like a clown. So, the decision of what clothes you should wear and what accessories will go with it depends on the place you people are going. Therefore, always dress up according to the place and not just thinking in a conventional manner that it is a date so it has to be a skirt or dress with high heels or suit. That’s why it is really important that matches with the venue or event.

So, the decision of what clothes you should wear and what accessories will go with it depends on the place you people are going

Always wear clothes that reflect your personality and in which you feel comfortable. People most of the time misunderstands the fashion. Fashion is not the name of following trends blindly but it is about presenting your personality in a unique way which not only makes you look different, beautiful and is also comfortable and adds to your appeal and this is the most important point that both guys and girls should keep in their mind while dressing up especially for a date.

Grooming is also a very important part especially for guys. Girls find unshaven macho type guys very sexy but not all the time. Make sure that before going on a date you get a proper nice and clean haircut, trim your nails, your shoes must be polished and overall you should look tidy and handsome. Even the slightly outgrown hairs or untrimmed nails can be a big turnoff for your date. And remember girls notice everything. And for girls please avoid wearing browns, blacks and grays.

You are not going for an interview and the guy waiting for you is not there to have a bored company. Wear bright colors now the bright colors doesn’t only mean dark colors, soft colors can also be found in brighter shades. Select a color that complements your skin and enhance your beauty and keep a low hand in makeup. Wearing too much makeup is also not recommended. Try to wear light makeup and use a neutral color that give a natural look to you and shows your natural beauty as well. In the end look steal the show!!!

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