Things That Women Notice About Men Right Away

Things That Women Notice About Men Right Away

Thu, 11/29/2012 - 20:08 -- maiya

It is always said that guys are really good observers which is true. However, women are also not far behind, even they are very sharp observers especially when it comes to observing someone’s personalities. She might not realize that on what basis she is making her decision about a guy but in her head there is already a formulated checklist which marks the good and poor boxes and thus, helps her in taking decision about the path she must pick. Women are very much particular about the physical outlook may be more than men and therefore, it is very much possible that she makes her decision about you even without knowing your nature and kind of the person you are, merely on the basis of assessing the book cover.

Therefore, the first and most important thing the women notices is how tidy and clean you are and that covers following:


Women prefer the specific hair length which varies from women to women and then the way you have styled it. She doesn't like too greasy hairs as they indicate you haven’t washed it in days or the bald patch. The hairs tell so much about your type and personality.

Finger and Toe Nails

This is very important and is also the part of hygiene. Long finger and toe nails are big turn offs so are the habits like chewing and biting the nails and picking the cuticles. They look dirty and don’t go well with the personality of guys.


We like to see bright smile and clean teeth instead of the ones that can tell us the whole menu of what you had in lunch and how many times you brush your teeth.

The other things that women will notice right away in you is the way you walk which portrays how confident you are, your height which is not very important but something that women notices when you walk in, your shoes and body stature. The other thing that women don’t notice in first few minutes but after she has passed some time with you is the odor. Women are the big fans of the good scents and fragrances and therefore, they can’t stand with bad body odor and smelly and stinky breath.

Trust me there are two things which can make all your efforts vain irrespective of how much you succeeded in impressing a women, the first is of course the odor and other is your manners. I’ll say that latter one is very important. No matter how confident you are, how clean and tidy you look, how well groomed you are and how great you were whole time but if you are not courteous and doesn't know anything about chivalry then no matter what you do, you will never be able to impress the women in your life.

Women expect from you to respect her and others and your attitude and behavior towards others tells so much about you and surpasses every other thing that she had noticed about you in one go.

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Maiya Hashmi