Shy girl’s dating guide

Shy girl’s dating guide

Tue, 12/11/2012 - 16:12 -- maiya

The one of the best features of being human is that we all are different from each other and there is a unique charm and beauty in all those differences. But still sometimes these differences come into our way in life. if you are a girl who doesn't talk much, how can’t express herself easily, who is very shy and is always dependent on other person to keep on building the conversation finds dating really hard and are most of the time very uncomfortable in such situations.

Being shy is not a personality flaw or a serious problem, in fact in my view it is one of the most attractive trait in women that makes her look more adorable and soft. However, it has some limitations because being shy all the time doesn't work so you need to come out of that shell at certain points of time but that doesn't mean that you have to leave that trait completely because with it you won’t be able to have a great guy by your side. The first and most important thing is to sort out the qualities you want to have in a guy and the traits or characteristics you want to see in your date. It is important to clear up your mind in order to enjoy the time with the person you are on date and feel comfortable. Secondly understand who you are and be proud of it. It will make you confident on dates. Even if you are very shy, use this trait as your strength and don’t get embarrass because of it.

Men always like confident women. Keep smiling on your date and be polite, it is the best way to engage the guy on date. Whenever he is saying something or you are sharing something, do so by looking into his eyes, you can sometimes look down as well but try to keep a good eye contact as it will reflect confidence again. Just be natural, don’t pretend to be someone you can never be. Date is the time when you see whether the other person is right or compatible for you or not, so there is no logic in faking up yourself. If you are a shy person then let it be. There is no harm in trying, in fact sometimes trying new things can be so worthy that you don’t realize before trying.

Therefore, despite of being shy try to crack some jokes to show your sense of humor and don’t be afraid of rejection. That’s okay if someone doesn't accept you the way you are or like you. You can’t make whole world like you or accept you so that okay but don’t stop trying just because the other person might not like it. In the same way you can also flirt sometimes, it will display your playful side. If you want to say something just speak it out. Don’t keep things inside you just because you fear that it won’t get acceptance. You cannot predict such things until and unless you do it plus it will help you in making decision that whether the person is right for you or not. Just because you are shy doesn't mean that you don’t deserve to be with a right person.

Long story short, don’t feel bad about being shy, be proud of what you are, always be natural and keep all your fears aside when you are on date.

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