Secret revealed - why am I still single?

Secret revealed - why am I still single?

Tue, 12/11/2012 - 16:04 -- maiya

Being single is not a bad thing. However there are two kinds of people who belong to this category. The one are those who are single by their choice and they are happy with it. They love their freedom and don’t like to get tied in any kind of relationship. The later are those who are single not because they like it in a way but you can that they are single by their fate and can’t wait for their destiny to change. When you see your friends and you think that they are nice but still they haven’t got those traits that you have then how do they attract opposite gender and are in relationship. You have talk about it with your friends, with other advisers but still you are single and not happy with it. Sometimes we think that everything is perfect and right but that is not the case.

There must be something that is restricting you from getting into a committed status. First and most important thing in any person is their confidence. Nothing makes you more attractive than a powerful confident personality. May be because you are single from many years and in search of the answers you have lose some of your confidence and that is reflected when you are on a date and that might be a biggest turn off for your date. This is not a crime if you are single. You must never let your self-esteem and confidence down. There is nothing wrong with you or with your single status. You are single because you haven’t found a right man yet and you are not ready to settle down for anything less than you deserve or you’re standard. Secondly you are single because you didn’t found much time before or maybe you were not ready. But now you are ready and prepared for the relationship. So there can be many reasons of being single so instead of thinking that there is something wrong with you, accept the reasons which kept you single and don’t lose your confidence because of your single relationship status and always be confident, flexible, smart and fun when you are on date leaving all the anxiety and stress behind. Just enjoy a good time and meeting new people instead of thinking about the outcomes.

Now showing confidence and to show how strong and independent you are doesn't mean that you just keep on talking and making other person bored. There is a right time for everything. So be careful about what you are saying, how you are saying it and how the other person perceives it. Don’t be a chatter box and try to listen as well.

You are single and you know that you can’t wait to be in a happy relationship

The other reason can be desperation. It is very easy to evaluate a person by the way he/she talks. You are single and you know that you can’t wait to be in a happy relationship. You know this fact very well and you don’t need to express it or give any clue about your intentions to your date in any of the ways. If you are doing this then it means you might be scaring of your date who is just there to see whether he enjoys your company or not and talking about or showing such attitude will put them in an awkward situation. The first dew dates are not about rushing into the relationship but giving each other time and to evaluate that how much you people enjoy each other’s company. If you will keep getting desperate then you will ruin all your chances to get into relationship.

These are some of the basic reasons of you being single. Other reasons can include your personal grooming. You might think that you look very good and you are well dressed but for other person you might be over and heavily dressed, again a turn off. You might not have a fresh breath that is making all your efforts vain. Hence, all these small things counts and people who are on a date with you will observe you from head to toe.

Therefore, make sure that you are dressed up properly; you know about the table manners, you are not very pessimistic or nervous. Just be confident, do little research before going on date on topics like what to wear, what to talk, how to talk and e.t.c, be yourself and have intentions of having nice time. If still doesn't work even then no need to get depress or disappointed, it might not be a right time for you but don’t stop trying.

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