How to take the initiative in asking her out for the first date

How to take the initiative in asking her out for the first date

Tue, 10/02/2012 - 20:41 -- maiya

The idea of asking someone out for the first time is scary and exciting at the same time. You start to plan your date the moment you realize that you like her and would love to know her better. First date is the first impression and one would wish it to be perfect. So take the initiative and ask her out but don’t overlook the possibility of a ‘no’.

It does not matter whether you are eighteen or eighty, asking a girl out always makes your palms sweat. Once you have finally decided to take her on a date it is important to be calm, as the worst that can happen to you is a simple ‘no’. All your friends will continue to throw their precious advices on you, they will tell you about their experiences and some will ask you to drop the idea and go for a boys’ day out. But unfortunately they will only confuse you even more and you will end up being in a state of alarm. Therefore, you should concentrate on just one thing: “her”.

It is always crucial to step ahead and take charge for doing something. You need a lot of confidence and courage to do it. I am sure you will be thinking: “why should a guy always ask a girl out? Can’t it be the other way round?” The answer is no. As a thumb rule, every girl likes a gentle man, a man who is strong enough to take initiative and ask her out in a sensitive manner. You need to earn 6 points to be sure that she will go out with you (Yes, it is like a video game and easier than those you play all day).

Fortunately you have already earned your first two points. Surprised? If you are reading this then it is apparent that you are serious about it. The attributes of sincerity, coolness and determination tops the list of requirements. Think about it, you have a crush on her and maybe you will find out that she is the one, your perfect match. So congratulations for a couple of points as you are now determined to ask her out and have no second thoughts.

Second step involves self grooming. You must be presentable and well-groomed. It is a well known fact that a customer eats a dish with his eyes before actually eating it. Similarly, a girl judges you with your personality before going out with you. If you are dressed in a ‘kind of funky’ way then sorry mate she won’t like it. Be casual, simple yet attractive. Don’t be over dressed as this will make it all too awkward. Throw the word ‘date’ out of your mind and take it as the time you wish to spend with her. You will be rewarded 2 points for this step.

Next is the last and most critical step. Thinking about magic lines, right? Remember, you have to invite her and not merely ask. Asking her if she would like to go out with you implies that you are not willing to take the initiative. Avoid cheesy lines and clichés. So what does a girl want? She wants you to be original. Portray yourself as a person who is capable of taking charge in an exquisite way. Don’t make it sound like a matter of life and death. Be normal and make it easy for her.

Specify when and where you are intending to take her and KISS - Keep It Simple, Son. Good luck!

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