How To Survive Being Hot, Female and Single for the holidays

How To Survive Being Hot, Female and Single For The Holidays

Sun, 12/09/2012 - 02:53 -- zena

If you are single during the holidays, don't fret. There are some great reasons as to why you can celebrate while being single during this holiday season. I know that being alone during the holidays is a depressing thought for many people but there is no need to feel down about it. Instead of just picturing yourself drinking wine or alcohol alone on Christmas Day, stuffing your face with some holiday food or filling your stocking with some gifts from the nearest dollar store, relax and breathe. Take a few moments to revel in all the joy and freedom that you have right now. You are single for the holidays and there are so many good things that the holidays can actually give you.

No boyfriend meaning no boyfriend gifts to buy. Just think about it. You can save more money now for something that isn't for you. You don't need to spend so much time thinking and picking a gift anymore. Just use the money and treat yourself to something better. Why not? You deserve it.

If kissing under a mistletoe used to be an issue for you when you had a boyfriend, now, I am sure you will appreciate seeing one. You can exchange kisses under the mistletoe with almost anyone during this holiday season. When you're single, there is not need to worry about jealous boyfriends or hurting feelings. You even have the liberty to flirt so take advantage of this holiday season and attend as many parties out there. Take them as opportunities to meet new people. You might even meet a new fling while you're at it. Who knows?

If you are single and ready to mingle, that doesn't mean that you should just always surround yourself with the opposite sex. Think about this as a great time to plan or attend parties with all of your girlfriends, no guilt attached. Do you even remember the last time you had a girls' night out? If you are single, make sure you bring a lot of single friends with you. Avoid couple parties as you might just feel awkwardly placed there.

If you want a more rewarding holiday season for a single woman and you can afford to share what you have then why not help the less fortunate enjoy the season as well?

Single during the holidays also means more time for the family. I am sure that you don't usually spend time with your family members when it isn't the holidays but here's your chance to catch up on things. This might be one of the best times to rediscover how much fun it is to enjoy hanging out with your siblings, cousins, your parents and so on.

If you have no strings attached this holidays then why not try to go on a get away? It will help you rediscover yourself and at the same time, make you feel more rejuvenated after the holidays. This way you will be ready to start anew and even be able to change into a new leaf if needed be. Your holiday get away need not be expensive if you can't afford it. A trip to a place where you can have fun and unwind is enough for this get away. Take advantage of your single status. You might even find a short time fling while you are at it.

Holidays equal to delicious food. When you had a boyfriend, I am sure you used to be really conscious about what you ate since you didn't want to gain weight but now that you are free of that, enjoy your favorite foods, especially the kind that your last boyfriend couldn't stand. Call it payback because it is so sinfully delicious. Treat yourself. Remember that you can always shed the pounds later. Who knows, you might even look better afterward?

Lastly, Christmas is a time for giving. If you want a more rewarding holiday season for a single woman and you can afford to share what you have then why not help the less fortunate enjoy the season as well? Donating toys for children, visiting the elderly or even collecting warm clothing or food for homeless shelters during the holidays. This is the true meaning of Christmas after all. So, don't feel so gloomy this Christmas. It isn't the end of the world. Enjoy yourself and be free to be yourself this year. I am sure after following this survival list, you won't be able to view Christmas as a single woman like you used to.

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