How To Flirt With Text Messages

How To Flirt With Text Messages

Sun, 10/07/2012 - 13:29 -- maiya

People say that you always need to do something in order to spice up your relationship and there is no doubt that flirting is the most effective way to spice up things between you and your partner.

As people say “eat an apple a day to keep a doctor away” the same kind of rule comes to the relationship with little modifications and I would like to call it “flirting everyday keeps the relationship healthy”. It has been observed that flirting plays an important role in keeping the relationship not only healthy but also it helps in keeping the fire and passion alive within the hearts. We are living in twenty first century and coming to this century many things and rules have changed. And all these changes are equally applicable to the rules of flirting and relationship. We are living in such a hi-tech era and cell phones are the most amazing discovery which keeps you connected with your loved ones every time. Flirting through text messages is something which is known as the creative and fun way of today’s generation to flirt.

To enjoy a good flirting you must know the language that is being used in text messages and the symbols that emotes different expressions and make the whole thing more interesting and fun. You can be funny by sending small jokes, can complement your partner and make them miss you can crave for you. However, it doesn’t mean that you keep on texting forever, send long messages, flood their phone with the messages, you know that the conversation has got boring and dull but instead of being creative or ending it mysteriously you are stuck with it. Because doing all these can make your impression very poor and will be a big turn off. When you are flirting with a person try to get more personal by using their names in text messages or if you know their pet name or by giving them a name will be impactful. In the journey of being creative and interested doesn’t refer to be a person that you are not in real life.

Flirting and playing around through text messages is really simple way to engage the other person and get to know them. However, never start your conversation with questions. Always start your conversation in witty and teasing way. And slowly move your conversation towards jokes, then telling them any intimate or special moments you had with them and tell them that you are really curious to know and see what will happen or the other person will do when you will meet up next time and tease them. Get to know them more and be mysterious at times and leave the conversation in between to make other person curious and eager to know the rest of the part. It will boost up the excitement and fun. Don’t ever make your texts unnecessarily long, no one is interested in reading the whole book in the form of text message so save your energy to invest in coming up with something creative that actually works, don’t be needy on messages and if you have nothing to say or you can take the conversation beyond “hey, wass up?” then it’s better not to start conversation at all.

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