How To Deny A First Date Invitation

How To Deny A First Date Invitation

Sun, 10/07/2012 - 13:18 -- maiya

Getting an invitation to go out on a date from the person whom you are not attracted to or you clearly cannot think of dating because of your present affair can be clumsy, inelegant and awkward. Yet, one should not feel awkward in this situation. Rather one can calmly and politely reject the offer and the same time doesn’t hurt the feelings of the person who has sent the invitation. Declining a date is not a very difficult thing, and can be dealt with courtesy, kindness and grace.

If one is intensely not interested in consuming time with the other person, unconcerned of the circumstances, a polite “thank you for asking but I am afraid I might not be able to say yes” or some similar answers will work nicely. This kind of answer will allow you to reject and at the same time also allows the other person to welcome the denial smoothly. Most people do not wish to make an issue and will be appreciative of the simple and respectful way of letting them down. There is actually no requirement of any explanations of why are they being let down, nor any encouragements of seeking company somewhere else. These kinds of responses from the person, who has been asked, do nothing but are a source of shattering the person’s ego, self-respect and pride. The other thing that might happen is that if someone is nearby whom you would be interested in getting in to relationship, may hear you way of rejection and there are full chances that he would regard you as a mean person. This kind of situation will remove the chances of being asked out by the desirable person.

There can be a situation when you are being asked out by someone whom you are probably interested in or with whom you wouldn’t mind spending time, but what they are planning and desiring seems distressing to you like asking for a camping trip or hiking. Or, inviting for a very formal conference, in which you are not interested. In this situation just because the other person is inviting for something that is completely uninteresting to you does not mean that the person themselves is a hopeless cause. Instead of dismissing a negotiation should be carried out in a decent manner like why not go for a dinner or a movie etc. If this does not work one should postpone the plan to a later date and end the conversation with a smile.

Sometimes one has come across some people who totally refuse to take “no, thank you” for an answer. In that case there is no other option other than getting blunt and dropping courtesy and to say “I am not interested in you, kindly leave me alone”. To maintain this kind of attitude is difficult for soft-hearted people who do not want to hurt feelings of other people. Blunt honesty is sometimes far better than giving fake numbers or claiming to be of different sexual orientation or to be married. If someone can’t be blunt then that person should be at a safe side and ask for a number and say that he would call after the schedule clears and then don’t reveal when he will be free.

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