How To Attract A Guy This Valentine's Day

How To Attract A Guy

Thu, 02/14/2013 - 10:33 -- zena

We all know that not everybody's a major babe or hottie. We also know that public displays of seduction is not everyone's game. These things take mastery and how can you master them if you are not really gifted with good looks to begin with? But do not despair. For all is not lost. There are other ways on how you can attract a guy this Valentine's Day even if you are not really a total bombshell or even a siren.

How many of you have tried to get a makeover, worn your sexiest outfit paired with your high heels and have had the sultriest make up on your way out to meet new people and most of all men? I am sure all women have done this more than once in their lives. I can't say that they are lacking in the trying department but then again, maybe the methods that many women have been using for a long time are now more passe and cliché which is why it doesn't work on men like they used to. What's worse after all the preparation involved, you either just end up meeting with your girl friends or just staring at your phone as you play a game there or enjoy updating your social media page. Of course, you will wonder why no man has ever dared talk to you despite all the preparations that you have done for your night out. But did it ever occur to you that maybe many men have been dying to go near you but just needed a little motivation to do so or perhaps a simple signal? While many people disagree on this, many people agree as well.

The key to attracting men is to get them to notice you. Sure, you prepared for your night out. That is one step in making sure that men notice you but you need to do something more to keep their eyes locked on you all night. Most men are very visual creatures. I cannot call them simpletons but then again, this is true. You will know it when men like what they see and if given enough encouragement to go for what they see then they just go for it. Remember too that without a signal, men won't go near you ultimately because most men fear rejection. This is why you should always show that you are open to new ideas and relationships. Show him that you are interested and that you are willing to make contact. If you are still unsure on how you can pull these off then here are a couple of tricks that I will show you.

Eye contact is important in everything. You can tell if a person is telling the truth by looking them straight in the eyes

The first move greatly relies on how you look. Even if many women think that a simple black dress is enough to wow most men actually, that is where they are wrong. I can't deny the fact that little black dresses are sexy since they have been for a long time. All I am saying is that women should be bold enough to try something new and refreshing to the opposite sex's eyes. Try putting on an interesting piece of jewelry like a funky necklace, earrings or bracelet. Make sure that it is eye catching but not hard on the eyes. This will most likely get his attention and go for you. Of course, don't be surprised that his first line of conversation is related to your interesting jewelry. From there, both of you can move on to other topics which can be a good start to a longer conversation later. For men, this is actually a subtle way of flirting with women without them noticing too much. The only worst case scenario here is when the men say how they like what she is wearing and if she isn't interested in them, she will just brush them off. Of course, this technique is still a hit or miss. But then again, the best case scenario is that the conversation has started with a little small talk which will gradually lead up to both of you exchanging numbers. Definitely, a win win situation if you ask me.

Another move that you can pull off relies heavily on your eyes. Eye contact is important in everything. You can tell if a person is telling the truth by looking them straight in the eyes. In this case, all you need to do is give him the sexy look and he will come for you. Studies show that making eye contact and subtly smiling at someone of the opposite sex twice in a row only means that you are interested. This is why, if you do not intend to show that you are interested then do not do this to the opposite sex unless, you want your actions to be misinterpreted. As a woman, you can do this by looking at him and then smiling gently. You can hold your gaze for a couple of seconds then, look away. After a couple of seconds, look at him again and do the same thing. I am sure, he will approach you then. Most men think that when women do this, it is nothing but a clear invitation to approach her or speak with her. Of course, it is hard to say that someone is interested in you by just looking at you once. The second look often confirms it all. At least in this case, you can say that it isn't an accident and that the person is doing it purposely. Confirmation is a good sign of encouragement for men since it lessens their fear or rejection.

So, this Valentine's Day, remember that you don't need to stick to what you already know. Mix it up a little. If you are single and you want to meet someone new this February 14 then try to follow these easy steps in catching a man's attention. For all you know, men just might flock all over you this time around. Don't knock it until you have tried it.

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