Deadly Sins Of Dating One Should Never Commit

Thu, 09/27/2012 - 01:47 -- maiya

It’s a shock how both the opposite sex interpret each other’s way of speaking so differently than what they actually meant to say. Stop dropping clues and hints! Say what you need to say but in a likeable and agreeable manner, so that your partner may appreciate you instead of playing mind games which will result in more confusion and arguing. Though while dating couples may argue and fight occasionally, which is normal, but doing that most of the time can be alarming and someone needs to think about it.

Often relationships don’t work out because of either of the two partners being too clingy or too ignorant. Don’t try too hard to get their attention, may it be physical or mental, this would just give them an impression of you being desperate which can also lead them taking advantage of you for all the wrong reasons. Emotionally blackmailing, being too clingy or letting yourself be dominated by your partner, are some of the worst case scenarios that could suffocate them. Give them the attention they need don’t overdo it.

Refrain from talking about the future; if it’s good enough it would work out in the future itself, worry about today not tomorrow. You’re just dating them, take it slow, let it work out, don’t pressure them. Focus and work on what is important now, because if you don’t; it will bite you back in the long run that is if there is a long run for you.

Do not dominate them so much that they feel overpowered; they might feel the need to block themselves and would not feel comfortable around you, if you do so your relationship would be based on lies and your partner would seek someone else to get what they need, and what they need is to be true to themselves in order to be true to you. To think that someone is not good enough for you and you’re all high and mighty is directly asking for being kicked in the behind for being such an airhead! If you think they are not good enough for you then its better you stay alone because for you no one ever will!

Most common deadliest sins of dating include changing someone. One should realize and have this in mind at the initial stages of dating that when they fall for the other person neither would you like to change somebody nor they would change for you. Odds are they might be very different than you think. Sure you like them and all but don’t expect them to work like you want them to. Compromising should be kept in mind but don’t expect they will change completely for you, and if they make an effort to do so, be grateful and acknowledge them. If you can’t appreciate them it’s better to leave them now; don’t lead them on.

At times when you are dating, you find other people attractive than the one you’re with. Ignore the 6 packs and focus on the good inside! Lust can be destructive, having a very strong sexual desire for someone specially when it’s not your beau or girl; can ruin your relationship and you will surely be in regret later. Lust is short lived.

Lastly, don’t scare them off! Work it out. You asked for it pal and now you have got to go along with it. Remember if you hurt someone now it will come back to you, that’s karma and it bites back bad. You’re only dating them, keep it steady.

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Maiya Hashmi