Every man would like to please all women

Dating Turn Offs For Women

Thu, 09/13/2012 - 00:58 -- zena

Every man would like to please all women. If you haven't been pleasing the woman that you have been dating then perhaps there is something wrong with you. If you don't know what you're doing wrong then why not be informed? Here are some of the top dating turn offs that you shouldn't do in front of women.

If you really want to date women effectively then you shouldn't drink too much when you are out with her. Sticking with a beer bottle or two should be your priority. On the right setting – it is okay for things to get out control. However, if you really want a woman to stick with you then it is better to go overboard. Apparently, stumbling, falling, slurring, puking and doing dumb things because of alcohol are not the qualities that you should be proud of displaying in front of your lady.

Sure, dirty dancing sounds sexy but if you are not Patrick Swayze then, you better leave it. Apparently, grinding over a girl isn't exactly ideal. I don't think you will be getting the reaction that you expect afterward. Unfortunately, grinding your body all over a woman also sends the wrong message. Women might think you only want something sexual with them and you are not really interested in their getting to know them better or perhaps moving on to a relationship.

If you really want to look like a douchebag in front of other women, then it would be easy to do that if you constantly have a bluetooth device in your ear. Why will you look like a douchebag because of that? Simple. Apparently, trying to talk to another person while you are alone is odd and creepy. If you are constantly doing this then it only implies that you do not care about anyone else but yourself and that you are obsessed with work. If you want to make a good impression then, lose the bluetooth now.

Negativity isn't exactly attractive to anyone. So, if you are on a date and then you gave out some insulting comments about other people or the things that you saw while on that date then prepare yourself for rejection. No woman wants a man who always insults others to feel good about himself. It is just wrong in so many levels. It doesn't matter how playful your insults are. It just doesn't work that way. Giving out insults just implies that you are either picky, snobby, mean or perhaps just plain dumb.

I know many women have already heard a lot of pick up lines before. So, why give out lame pick up lines to impress women? Pick up lines only work when they are really good but if you don't have a knack for giving out good ones then why bother? Giving out lame pick up lines just means that you lack imagination, creativity and romance. I am sure you wouldn't want that. Why bother being fake when you can be just be yourself? I am sure more women would be attracted to you if you are more real as you would be more sincere that way.

Using too much cologne or other beauty products while dating a woman doesn't really make it enticing. Sometimes, it just sends out the wrong message. Some women might think you are gay or perhaps will get turned off by your vanity. Vanity is good at some extent but having too much of it is just wrong in so many levels.

Swearing isn't exactly gorgeous while on a date. No woman would like to hear your filthy words while eating out for dinner. It is just not proper. Being a gentleman on a first date is important or as well as being in a relationship. I don't think that any woman would like to bring a man to her parents especially if he has a filthy mouth.

Oral hygiene is very important to everyone. Bad oral hygiene is a huge turn off for many people. So, if you want more women to like you. Make sure that you are well groomed and ready to mingle. Bad oral hygiene coupled with a bad pick up line and so many other bad things will make sure you will never date a woman again. So, be aware.

So on your second date, you decide to bring your child with you. Apparently since not all women are motherly types, not all of them would be attracted to you in that particular situation. Bringing your child into the picture too soon might just scare your date away. Aside from the fear of confronting your angry ex, other women might not want the responsibility and the baggage. Learn to only introduce your child after getting to know the woman better in more dates than one.

So, if you want to score more dates with women soon then avoid these dating turn offs. Perhaps when you do, you will have a better success at getting the ladies.

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