Beauty Mistakes That Turn Men Off

Beauty Mistakes That Turn Men Off

Mon, 12/10/2012 - 03:12 -- zena

So you have a date tonight which for you means, you have to wear something nice and look really pretty. You decide to wear that hot little number that you thought would flatter your curves and would reveal more of your so called assets. You put on some make-up, making sure your lips are red enough while you apply some eyeshadow on your eyes with some mascara as well as a thick eyeliner. Of course, you don't forget to powder your face and put some blush on to make your cheeks look rosier. You look at yourself in front of the mirror as you fix your hair and before you leave the room, you take another gaze and put a lot of perfume on.

Contented with how you look, you leave and keep your fingers crossed that your date will like what he sees. Sadly, the end doesn't turn out so well and you end up wasting your time with the wrong guy. You start blaming yourself for even trying. You sulk that night as you try your best to remove the make up that you wore for him that night. These instances happen to a lot of women out there. Unfortunately, it happens not because they tried hard to look good for their dates but in reality, their dates didn't turn out well only because they tried so hard that it actually turned their dates off. You're probably wondering how the heck it happened especially since the purpose of the whole beautification ordeal was to look good and not to look ugly but have you ever heard of the expression, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”? Have you ever thought about that? Well, if you are a woman, it is about time that you learn about these things to save you from all the effort that you might waste before you date a man. Men are simple beings. We, women, just fail to get that at times. So, here I am sharing some beauty mistakes that turn men off.

Yes, this is true.

Did you know that too much make-up actually turns a man off? Yes, this is true. Although not all men admit it, most of them want a more natural look for their partners. Natural beauty is best for them because to some men, make-up makes women beautiful artificially and that is not good. Men often wonder what is underneath all the make-up and if you are someone who hides under a thick mask of it then, how would you feel if he sees you one day without them and he doesn't like what he sees? I know. The horror for both of you. This is why men want girls who are naturally beautiful without make-up and only become even more beautiful with make-up on. Putting on too much mascara and eyeliner can make you look like a goth or perhaps someone ready for Halloween while putting on too much lipstick might emphasize your lips too much making them too bright and pouty which can be annoying. As for the blush on, you should take it easy with it especially if you don't want to look like you have been punched or slapped continuously in the face while wearing too much powder or foundation on might make you look too pale or if you don't know how to blend it well then your face will look like it whiter but your neck isn't. Wearing just the right amount of make-up will not turn a man off. Play it safe. Sometimes it is best for you to win a man.

Hygiene is important for every man and woman. This is why most women make sure that whenever they go on a date, they brush and floss to have some dazzling white teeth. But did you know that having way too bright pearly whites can be a turn off to some men too? Yes, it is. Why you ask? Most men think that if a woman's teeth is too white, they are unnatural and synthetic. Besides, seeing someone with a perfect set of teeth can make your date feel a little insecure especially if he doesn't really have them. Having leveled out teeth only makes it worse.

All women like to wear lip gloss but did you know that some men get turned off by it? I know my husband then boyfriend didn't approve of it too much especially the sticky, glossy and glittered ones which leave a mark on his lips. I think most men hate that. Lip gloss is okay if your lips are chapped or if you really need them but choose the right one that will not just be good for you but good for him as well. I am sure you don't want to see your partner with some lip gloss on after you kiss. Imagine what it would be like if other people saw him. They might assume he applied it on his lips or they might think he is a Casanova. Which one would you choose?

Looking good isn't the only thing that matters to women. They also want to smell good. This is why most women thoroughly put on perfume on their bodies hoping that their dates would end up falling for them because of it. Sadly, not all men like women who smell too good. Some men who date women who wear too much perfume end up feeling suffocated. They hate it when they start tasting the perfume in their drinks and in their food. This is why putting on just the right amount of perfume is advisable. Women should also keep in mind that most of the products that they use already have different scents. From body wash to lotion to lip gloss, name it. Which is why wearing too much perfume despite all that is just overpowering which turns men off.

Super long nails might look sexy especially since they make your fingers look longer and slimmer but did you know that not all men appreciate women with long fingernails? That's right. Aside from the usual turn offs with fingernails being dirty, unpolished, manicured or un-manicured, there will always be this one. There is nothing wrong with long fingernails. As long as they aren't cat like and unnatural then there is nothing wrong with it. Some men might fantasize about those long nails stroking their bodies or even giving them love marks but most of them don't like the whole catwoman look so if you have extra long nails and is a huge fan of nail art then you better reconsider them soon.

Anything fake is ugly but to some women, they don't really mind. Adding on some fake eyelashes to add volume to their fanning eyelashes as they gaze into their dates' eyes or perhaps wearing extensions for their not so long hair to make them look more womanly and sexy are common to some women but did you know that men mind these things? Yes, they do. Anything that forms an illusion of beauty isn't really something men are interested in. Wearing something fake is one thing, creating something fake is another. Remember wearing that padded push up bra of yours? Well, pretending to have a bigger bust will get his attention but after he finds out it is all fake, do you think he will still see you in the same light? The same goes for wearing corsets or pads for your behind. Men don't like to be deceived. As I keep on telling you, they like it natural. I guess those who have had cosmetic or plastic surgery can still be considered under this category except that their changes are more permanent than the quick fix treatments that I mentioned earlier. This only makes it more difficult for them to find a real man. Especially in this day and age, most men have become picky since they know that it is easy to just get something done through Science. Most men don't want to know something is fake even if they already have a hunch or two.

Anything fake is ugly but to some women, they don't really mind.

Then, there are women who like getting fake tans. I think tanning is good especially if you have a pale skin color but if your skin color is fine then why even bother? Some women are obsessed with tanning, to the extent, that they don't know what is natural and unnatural anymore. Natural, healthy, glowing skin is attractive. Most men don't care about a woman's skin being tanned or not. So, if you are a frequent visitor of tanning salons or beaches, you should stop now!

Confidence is a big issue in dating and if women like their men confident, so do men. If a woman is insecure and she shows it to a man way too many times, then that is a big turn off for him. Most men want women who can handle themselves independently. As the era progresses, men don't want damsels in distress anymore. Instead, they want princesses who will slay dragons with them. They don't want timid housewives who will just say yes to everything they want (or do they?) but they want women who can boldly make their own decisions and survive on their own. If a woman will keep on telling a man something that makes her vulnerable, that man might either like it or hate it. Most of the time, the man ends up getting turned off by it. Telling a man you were not able to shave your legs or your armpit today despite him not asking or not noticing it, will definitely be a confidence killer. If you do such a thing, don't expect him to call you anytime soon.

So, now you know all these things, would you still do them? I guess not. They are the oldest mistakes in the book and being a woman, I know most of them first hand. Although I am not a huge fan of make up, I did encounter several of these problems while dating then. Good thing, my husband then boyfriend, was honest enough with me to tell me his opinions about the things that I do, I say or wear. He might sound harsh at times especially since I don't take criticism very well but it was a learning process. But then again as I have mentioned in the earlier part of this article, “Beauty will still be in the eye of the beholder” thus, making this a tough call. Some men might like it while some don't. To each his own.

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