6 Ways To Get His Attention

6 Ways To Get His Attention

Sat, 11/10/2012 - 17:42 -- maiya

You’re crazy about him, but he doesn’t know? You walk passed by him thrice wearing your cute new dress, he still doesn’t look, you feel as if he doesn’t know you exist? Depressed? Looking for ways that could get his attention? Well then here are some points that could get you his attention.

Be his friend

If he’s your colleague, then what better than being his friend? This way you will get to know him better, up close and personal that is. You can find out about his likes and dislikes and have a better clue about him being right for you. This gives you a clear vision about him. Try hanging out, select places you both like, it could turn out into a fun fest and he will start knowing you better too. If going out with him alone sounds hard, get a little help from your friends and go in groups.

Converse confidently

Whenever you talk to him be confident, don’t let those dreamy eyes or killer cheekbones distract you. Use humor to strike up conversations, avoid swear words, don’t be too aggressive. Everyone likes a person with a good sense of humor, he might get attracted if he enjoys a good humor too and would acknowledge you; if the person is intense and serious then you might want to limit the fun, odds are he would not show his response or be expressive about it but would have an idea that your lively and not boring. Remember opposites attract! So even if he is one of the serious types he might be looking for the blabber mouth fun kind.

Dress to impress

Dress comfortably but make it impressive, you can even use makeup that would highlight your natural beauty but don’t overuse it. Guys tend to get their attention drawn if they see a good looking presentable girl. Keep it decent and attractive, don’t overdo it so it gets the wrong kind of attention, offensive dressing could get you his attention but then he will remember you for that and not your true self.

Make him feel good

Guys dig girls who make them feel special! And it doesn’t have to be the other way round, you will get his attention but you need to do it first, who says a guy has to be the dominating one? So can the girl! Own it!

Don’t chase him

A major MAJOR turn off! Try keeping your distance from him, sure it feels as if you can’t survive without him but you can! , and he does not want your attention all the time. If you give him the idea that you can’t stay apart for too long he would want a way out and may use you for the wrong reasons and take you for granted. Remember the golden theory about a guy’s nature- they are like rubber bands! They don’t like being too close and when they are they want their space, yes it sounds twisted but that’s just how it works with them. So unless you want to keep your self-respect; don’t chase him, spend that time by shopping with your girlfriends or watch a good movie or find a new hobby you’re good at, but if you’re still that desperate; go stalk him online without letting him know of course.

Be yourself

Keeping the above mentioned points in mind, it comes down to you being original and not losing yourself n the process! Be happy with what you are. Don’t change yourself for this guy, he might be yours if you act like a different person, but then he will love you for someone you’re not, and it would end up badly in future when he gradually finds out. Don’t be a fake, be yourself, if he’s worth it he’ll be yours in no time!

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