5 Ways To Tell If You Dating The Wrong Guy

5 Ways To Tell If You Dating The Wrong Guy

Sun, 09/30/2012 - 17:20 -- maiya

Being in love in an amazing feeling and being in a relationship is no doubt a beautiful time for any human. We grow up listening to those beautiful fairytales in which girls always gets her prince charming in the end and all the ends are happy, as we enter into our teen age we start looking for that someone special and those romantic and love songs along with the romantic flicks makes us more hopeful and boosts up our excitement for the day we will meet our dream guy.

Thus, the journey of looking for and making our happily ever after with that guy starts from the day we start listening to those stories or seeing our own parents or relatives and everything else in a pair. We humans irrespective of our genders can’t live alone. It is very natural that we do need someone by our side with whom we can share good and bad moments and no one can be our best companion as a guy we are in relationship with.

We all have heard about Mr. Right and I can assure you that it is not some kind of myth. It is true that we are little desperate to find and to be with the guy who loves us, understands us and who is meant for us and sometimes in that hurry we also end up dating a wrong guy. There are times when you can easily tell that this particular person can never be the one. However, there are also times when you just get confused about your relationship, a time when you want to stay with that person but you also feel like that something is missing. There are many ways through which you can tell or identify that the guy you are dating is not the right one for you.

First sign that indicates that the guy is not right for you is the incompatible life goals. It means that you want something entirely different from the life as compare to the guy you are dating and moreover you cannot alter those goals for this man and if you have to then it will purely be forceful, under-pressure and you will not be happy and satisfied while giving up them. Relationships are always about a special bond and connection at physical and emotional level. It is not only restricted to a good love making time. Obviously that plays a significant role in a sustainable and long term relationship but a relationship without any meaningful, deep conversations where you share your dreams, goals, hopes and expectations with other person is just like a body without a soul.

So if you rarely talk then it’s the sign that you are with a wrong person. In a relationship when you feel like that it has started getting suffocated and you are always bored and feel something is missing, you can’t come up with any topic on which you can talk is another indicator. If the guy is not introducing you in his family and friends and he is not very much interested in knowing your personal life, family and friends then there can be no clear sign that it is not your prince charming and lastly when you catch yourself wondering that how you are going to spend this long life with that person with whom you even can’t have decent conversation, with whom you feel bored and with whom the idea of spending your whole life feels so collapsing tells you that there is someone else waiting for you and in order to get to them you need to say good bye to Mr. Wrong.

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