Sex in the Car

Mon, 09/13/2010 - 15:15 -- amber

So what’s more left to say about sex in the car?

For teenagers or those living with roommates this is perhaps the most convenient way to get some privacy and possibly romance and have sex. And by no means do we advocate sex among teenagers – just merely stating the fact. Statistical data points out that almost 80% of Americans had sex in the car at some point of their life.

sex-in-carFor married adults living together sex in the car most often belongs to the domain “ugh, uncomfortable, stupid, yuck…we are too mature for that”. But thinking about variety and some healthy change to your sexual routine – try going back to your teenage years when the car was not merely a means of transportation. By the way, the excitement from either the process itself or the thought of “half-legal” thing that you might be doing could lead to an orgasm stronger than you can expect from regular sex in the marriage-bed.

A few important things about sex in the car. First, it is considered illegal in many states and could be classified as class one misdemeanor (sex in the car is called public indecency). If worst comes to worst, you could be registered as a sex offender. Anyway, try to pick the most secluded parking lot, free from nosy neighbors, kids (God forbid) and human beings in general. Try covering your windows for more privacy.

Second, make sure the interior of your car is clean. Nothing puts off sex as old food or soda cups in the back seat or on the floor. Nice smell would be helpful to set the right mood. And a blanket would be a nice addition to make it feel like home (if that’s what you’re looking for).

Most positions for sex in the car presuppose women on top. This is actually a favorable setup for those women having problems achieving vaginal orgasm in regular, missionary position. A back seat is generally accepted as a most comfortable place to do it, but try also the front passenger sear – it could be reclined to the full, giving a woman more control over the act in general.

Of course, all the small but highly important things have to be taken care of in advance – birth control has to be accessible right away and remember to dress appropriately (something easy to take off and put back on). If you are leaving music on, make sure the ignition is on as well – you don’t want to end up draining the car’s battery in the middle of nowhere.

Most important – be safe and sensible, and remember that many women and men think that orgasms in unexpected places are way more intense.