Translating What She Means

Wed, 08/01/2012 - 02:11 -- jcartwright

It´s a complete myth that all women are extremely complicated and they never talk their mind straight, so you shouldn´t go around chasing for hidden meanings behind every word she utters.

But as it happens with every myth, there´s some truth upon which it was built: men tend to follow role models that teach them to speak their thoughts our loud, at least more frequently than the usual female models indicate. Of course, these models are not as closely followed as once they were, and many couples have exactly the inverse roles in their relationships, but the idea of “how hard it is to understand a woman” persists because loads of guys out there are still a part of the old school, and it´s perfectly right for them to be… (as long as they are not so blunt they become rude).

If sincerity is your thing, and you don´t understand why your partner juggles around with subtleties, here´s a collection of hints to understand what she really means in different situations:

Do you mind if I…?

If you are spending an afternoon together, and you are both bored or not in the mood to fool around romantically, the wiser thing is to try a board game or simply rely on the hypnotic powers of T.V. If you have an idea like playing a videogame, and you ask her if she´s ok with it, she´ll absolutely say yes… but only because it would be rude to say otherwise. If you had to ask, then you know she´s not thrilled about the idea, and this applies to all kind of situations (unless it´s something you´re doing for her, instead of doing it for you). Spending the night away from her after a date, having breakfast wearing only your dirty boxers… it´s kind of obvious you wish she didn´t mind it, but she´s going to. So don´t break your head interpreting her answer, avoid doing what you know will make her uncomfortable from the start!

I´ll have the same as you

In a world with so many girls obsessed about calories, reasonable women try to show their partners they care for a good meal. But her metabolism is still different from yours, so if she tries to appear casual by ordering an abundant dish and assuring you she can finish it off… well, her inner self is expecting you can help her with some so it won´t end up becoming those feared extra pounds she gained while dining with her inconsiderate boyfriend.

You don´t need to buy me a present for our anniversary

Well, the fact that women do not care so much about money (maybe, if she´s keen on the idea of bringing up a family someday she´ll appreciate that you are hard-working and can make a good living, but that´s a different topic) does not mean you are allowed to be cheap. You don´t need her expensive jewelry (and when she says she doesn´t want a present she probably means she doesn´t want you spending too much), but you can surprise her with something that shows you took some time to come up with the idea. What you express with a gift is the core of it, actually… sometimes you can think of a present that does not cost you a dime and she will find it perfect if it was planned well. Then again, for special occasions, it doesn´t hurt to stir up some cash.

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