Things You Shouldn't Say To Your Girlfriend Or Wife

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There are many things that men shouldn't say to their women. Sometimes they just don't realize what they are until it's too late. I know the feeling. When my partner says something tactless without even thinking that my feelings might get hurt in the process, I feel like he doesn't care about me at all but I know that deep inside he does. He just doesn't know the things that he shouldn't say to women like me. So, if you are a man and you are clueless on things that make women annoyed or angry, here's a short guide that you should follow...

1. "You're Not Fat", "You're Chubby" or "You can go on a diet if you want to but I am okay with your body right now

Well, as we all know, women don't want to look bad in front of others. Call it vanity if you will but women hate looking bad especially in front of you. Does a woman's body size really matter to you? If it does and you feel that your wife or your girlfriend is putting on some weight, flattery can help but not get you a long way. Somehow give them the benefit of the doubt. They know you are lying at some point. They just won't tell you they know about it. Confronting them and talking to them seriously about their weight is a hard thing to do but if you are concerned for her and not concerned that people would laugh at you for having a plus sized woman than a skinny model looking woman beside you then go for it. It might be hard to let her understand that you mean well but just be creative in your ways. Remember that women put on weight due to various reasons. It might be because of a pregnancy, just staying at home, stress and so many other factors. If you know all of this then it would be nice if you would be more understanding to her, than more critical.

2. You are not as tired as me because you never work as hard as me

Never ever go there not unless it is the truth. Most women are hard workers. Whether it is at home or in an actual office, women do their best to excel. This why career women were born in this century. Although juggling one's personal life with one's career life is no easy feat, most women do it and end up being called Superwoman when they do. Women are natural multi-taskers than men. Although some men can do it, it is hard for them to juggle two or three things at the same time. If both of you are working and both of you are stressed, it is better to stay off of arguments as they might lead to big fights. If it is only the man who is working then be cautious with what you say. Sometimes women feel hurt if you don't say to them directly that you are stressed out because she doesn't have a job. Women understand that. No one to have words with them about it.

3. My boss is an asshole, I hate him...

Sure, work sounds awesome but for the love of God! Sometimes women don't want to hear about what happened at your workplace too. Sometimes it is better to wait for her to ask before you say something about what is happening in your office. If she is an enthusiast of what is going on in your workplace then by all means, spill it all out. Always remember though that when your girlfriend or wife is with you, they would rather talk about other things than your work. Talking about something intimate or something not so important would help lighten up the mood in case you already started on the wrong foot.

4. Wow! She looks hot!

If there is one thing that gets women angry it is the fact that their partners shouldn't ogle another woman or comment about her in front of him. Sure, honesty is better than lying and looking at another woman while with her sounds better for you but do you know how that would make her feel? The fact you are ogling another woman makes her feel that she isn't enough for you. If you are comfortable doing that to her, how would you feel if she did the same to you? I don't think you would feel happy that she has her eyes on another man and is complimenting him on his fine attributes.

5. I don't feel like talking right now

Women like to talk. That is a fact. Whether it is to talk about senseless or trivial things or perhaps important ones, they always want to talk. Not unless they are busy with something or they are angry at you. So to tell her that you don't feel like talking right now is like telling her that she should shut up for now as you cannot really talk to her at the moment. This can only be okay if both of you agree on it. Otherwise, if you don't want to have communication problems then never ever say this.

6. Why do you always nag?

Sometimes women don't really nag at you. They just remind you however for men, nagging and reminding are two very similar things. Before you conclude that your partner is nagging you, listen first. If your partner is already pissed off with something or someone, remember that if you ask this question, it will only make her angrier. Be wary of the questions that you ask.

7. Why do you want to go shopping again?

Women and shopping are compatible in many ways. Although not all women indulge to this certain past time, many still like it. Unfortunately, most men hate this activity. Women know that. Yet the fact that you would be okay with it makes women feel better. You shouldn't always encourage her if she is shopping too much especially if you are on a tight budget but the fact that you let her shop is already a good thing for her. Deal with it instead of complaining about it.

8. Are you seriously wearing that?

When you see your woman dressed up and ready to go, never question her fashion sense as her feelings and self confidence gets hurt in the process. You might not like what she is wearing but just go with it. If you really think her fashion sense is a little off, letting her do a little fashion show for you before you go out can be nice or perhaps telling the things that you want her to wear can help motivate her to get a look that both you and her can agree on. Flatly asking her this question only makes her doubt herself.

9. It must be that time of the month

This might be a common excuse that women say to everyone if they have been ill tempered for several days but that doesn't mean that men should say it too. If you know it is the truth, just keep it to yourself than say it out loud. Saying it out loud is just sexist. What if you were wrong and she was just having a breakdown in front of you? I am sure you wouldn't want to aggravate the situation further. You would just be digging a deeper hole for yourself in the end.

10. Please stop acting like your mother or somebody I know

Of course, women love their mothers but to be compared to her is just wrong. Saying this is like hitting two birds with one stone. You do not only end up hurting your partner with that comment, you also end up insulting your mother in law. I am sure you do not want that.

11. She and you are the same or different in a way

Comparison isn't something that women easily deal with. To be compared with her mother can be tolerable to some women but to be compared with your previous lover or someone you fancy or someone you know is just downright wrong. Not everybody is the same. Everybody is unique. So if you continue telling her that she is the same or different with another person, it is like you want her to change just for you. You want to mold her to your liking and we all know that isn't easy. If your partner doesn't really do this to you then imagine her doing so. I am sure you wouldn't want to be compared to a major hunk and then end up looking like a loser. That's just ego deflating!

12. You are always busy. Are you having an affair?

Women can be busy bodies too but that doesn't mean that if she is always busy, she is having an affair. Sure, you need proof for this but doubting your partner wouldn't really help your relationship. Each relationship should be built with trust and without it, it will crumble. If you believe your partner is having an affair, do some digging up first. Get your evidence ready and then confront her about it if you must. However, if you see nothing and find out that she is just really busy with work then back off. If you think she is lacking time for you, tell her about it. I am sure a little tweaking with her schedule wouldn't hurt. It would end up benefiting both of you and I am sure you will be rewarded handsomely in the end.

13. Can't you do anything right?

Women are not brainless creatures. They can make their own decisions and rendering them useless just hurts them. Men and women are equal. If she makes a mistake, understand her instead of berating her. Sometimes a woman needs someone who would listen to her and not judge her in the end. Mistakes happen to everyone. Ask yourself this. Did your partner ever get angry at you for a mistake that you made? If she did then both of you need to talk it out to make sure that the next time it happens, you would both respect each others' decisions and just go along with it. Mistakes can be fixed. They just need time to heal, just like wounds.

14. Not tonight

Women crave for contact. Like men, they have needs and desires. If your partner comes on to you for a little something something, do not deny her of it not unless, you really cannot. Denying her just because you don't feel like it, makes her feel ugly and undesirable. It hurts her feelings. Denying her once or twice is okay but doing it all the time is wrong. Why do you even deny her of it? Is it because you find it boring to make love to her these days? If that is the case, then please exert some effort in adding a little spice in your sex life. Watching porn together might work or adding a little flavor with sex toys and other kinky things might help save your sex life. If it is due to stress or other factors, then talking it out and being open to her would help her not feel bad about what is going on.

In the end, she would be able to be more understanding of your situation and therefore not become pushy with doing something with you tonight. This is why having good communication with your partner is essential.

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