Things That Make Him Act Like A Big Baby

Tue, 06/12/2012 - 10:19 -- amber

Sure, women can get mad over some really ridiculous things.

Yeah, we want chocolate on-demand and we may get angry at men when they don’t call us “skinny” after we call ourselves fat; but what men don’t realize, is that they also have a very bitchy side that is very sensitive to certain ridiculous things that women do.

Something about stealing the covers can send a man over the edge. They want to cuddle with you night after night, however, they want to make sure that they get their fair portion of the blanket. Since we want them to leave their clothes off, leave a blanket at the end of the bed for him so he’s not layering up in clothes in case you steal the covers.

Since men are so insecure about being “macho” and “manly,” they sometimes need you to tell them they are. Calling your man “cute” is probably one thing that will send him straight into a bitch fit. Bunnies and puppies are “cute,” so don’t put your man in the same category.

Women are also natural-born event planners. It’s a gift and a curse. It drives us absolutely crazy when we don’t know details about things and are left in the dark. Planning things out weeks in advance can really stress a guy out and make him whine. Men live for spontaneous adventures with you, not planned out weekend getaways with an itinerary.

Men also never know what to eat. EVER. They can leave you sitting in a restaurant for thirty minutes before they ever place an order. If you know a situation like this could possibly occur, think easy. Always go for pizza, beer and wings. Those will never fail.

All of these things can send males straight into their man period. It’s always the little things that he can act like a total brat about. Men always expect to be catered to by their girlfriends for some reason, when they are the ones that should be catering to us. You cant live with ‘em, and you cant live without ‘em.

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Amber Hoffman

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