The Right Age for Marriage

Mon, 01/30/2012 - 21:59 -- amber

Every time we log onto Facebook or another social networking site, someone we know is getting engaged. Naturally, we always have some sort of opinion about it. “Oh, they are too young!” or “It’s about time, they have been dating forever!” It’s times like these when we ask ourselves: What age is the right age to tie the knot???

This question is a question that has gone unanswered since the beginning of time. Since different circumstances initiate weddings, there has never technically been a “norm” for the appropriate age to marry. However, now it has been made clear that your mid-twenties to late twenties are the prime time for marriage.

Education and financial stability are the two key concepts that make marriage ideal at this age. The more educated a woman is by her wedding day, the less likely she will be divorced. By the age of 25, a woman who attended college will at least have a couple degrees to count towards her. Educated women are also more likely to know what they want in a man and are less likely to accept a man into their life that doesn’t qualify or meet their needs.

Women are also used to financially supporting themselves in their mid to late twenties, so they are less likely to jump into a marriage solely for financial stability. Learning to successfully budget money is also a skill necessary to be marriage-ready. When you are married, you are managing not one, but two bank accounts.

Financial budgets and money are also one of the main causes of arguments between married couples. Knowing how to spend money wisely and not be careless could definitely prevent money-related arguments and lead to a more successful marriage. Women who are educated and have worked in the workforce, dealing with several different kinds of people are another way to be more open to love and marriage.

Although there is no correct age to get married, your mid to late twenties are logically the most ideal ages to pursue marriage. If this age range doesn’t suit you, just wait until you are educated enough and financially stable.

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