The Most Embarrassing Text Message Mishaps

Thu, 08/02/2012 - 02:18 -- zena

Oh, I am sure this has happened to everyone. As soon as the cellphones have been invented, we cannot really blame auto correct all the time for some text message mistakes that we make. Sometimes yes, it is true but most of the time, it is plain stupidity. So, today I am sharing some of the most embarrassing text message mishaps that I know I or other people have encountered just recently or in the past.

Remember that date that you had in the past when you ended up shuddering at the thought of thinking about him/her again and wanted to never see him/her again then end up avoiding him/her but accidentally send him/her what you really think and that person lashes out on you violently? Well, I think this has happened to some of us. We all know that not all dates are perfect and not all dates are compatible with their partners. Some blame it on physical attraction while others just flatly say that they are just not fitted for each other. How embarrassing it must be for a person to actually say what he or she feels to someone without reservation and of course, it is more embarrassing for the person who receives the actual rejection. Whether it is on purpose or just accidental, I know that it is a very bad experience for both parties.

Never ever send a message to anyone while you are in a drunken state! Yes, I agree with this. Most people who do this shouldn't not unless they are resilient enough to not let alcohol get into their heads. Some people who have done this mistake end up not remembering the next day and make total fools of themselves. Remember sending a very graphic sex message to your long time crush and she ends up slapping you the next day? See, I told you so. So, the next time you go drinking, stay away from your phone and if ever, just pick it up when somebody calls you but never ever send messages to others while you're buzzed or you might just end up regretting it in the end.

You have been crying all day. You don't remember what day or date it is. Your room stinks and evidence of junk food consumption is everywhere. You just broke up with someone and you feel bad about yourself. Then, you see your cell phone and end up composing an extremely long message to your ex saying how much you want him/her back despite the fact that he/she already dumped you big time. Don't make a fool of yourself by lowering yourself to that level. It is just not worth it. So, the next time that you've been dumped by someone and you feel the need to contact him/her, just don't. It will be good for you, if you only realize it sooner than later.

After a day of lusting over your boyfriend or girlfriend, you realize you miss him/her and want to do a little something something with him/her. What is the easiest thing to do in order to achieve that? Well, send him/her a message but after typing such an elicit message you realize you sent it to your parents instead. Oh crap! How will you fix that situation up? I am sure you will end up being grounded or if not have some form of punishment for being such a naughty son/daughter. Sounds hilarious if it wasn't you but it sounds embarrassing if you were in the same situation.

I was only able to name a few but I am sure there are more. But I guess some things should never be said on text messages. I have learned my own lesson with this and have decided that it would be better to use my phone for other purposes instead. Calling a certain and talking to him/her is so much better than sending out messages. Thank goodness that because of this, I have avoided such text messages mishaps. I just wish more people will do the same thing as well.

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