Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

Sat, 08/18/2012 - 11:37 -- maiya

A single moment is needed to end the relationship. Be it a long distance relationship or not. If you are determined to keep a relationship forever, miles can certainly not take away the love that has bound two people together. If a couple faces the misery of a long distance relationship, the determination of maintaining it all what you need. Determined to make sacrifices, strengthening your relationship on the grounds of love, affection, care and trust would make your relationship a stronger one. Making your partner on the bottom of the list once you’ve shifted somewhere else should definitely not happen. Remember, the emptiness that you’re feeling is the same for your partner as well. None of you were ready to accept this bareness in your lives all of a sudden.

Keeping a contact through text messaging, electronic emails and other applications can make your relationship a much tranquil. This includes talking to your loved ones at least once a day describing all the happenings of the day. This would make you and your partner feel attached to each other emotionally and physically. A good way of staying connected physically is by doing the same things together, yet at different places. This would enhance the beauty of your relationship and will make the bond grow stronger.

Once the relationship is turned into a long distance one, jealousy is the factor that pokes in every time. Be very vigilant about jealousy not letting you mess up the beautiful relationship. You should understand that your partner has moved to a completely new place and it would be vital for him to make a good social life there. Be positive and trust your partner. For trust is the major asset deciding the fate of your relationship. Take an advantage of a long distance relationship and spend more time with family and friends. Mind it; don’t ever forget that you are committed. However, the couple should make some dos and don’ts which they have to follow even in worst scenario. Giving a surprise visits to your partner, sending cute gifts that could make them feel attached to you is a good idea. This would in turn enhance the vigor of your love.

Certainly, long distance relationships are not very easy to maintain. However, they hold some inborn problems within that no other form of relationship has. Loneliness, possessiveness, suspicions, crankiness and jealousy are the biggest enemies of a perfect relationship, be it a long distance one or not. If the couple is really in love with each other, no force in the world could make them fall apart.

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Maiya Hashmi