Living sex after marriage

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The following is a short collections of useful hints you can constantly remember to yourself in order to make your partner the happiest girl on earth.

There are many specific techniques that can improve your performance in bed, but sometimes you are too aware of the detail, and that's where a quick review of sex from a general perspective may come in handy. So take a look at this list and try to figure out where you stand in the road to become a magnificent lover beyond the specifics of practice.

Sex can heal

Well, it's not about miraculous cures of disease, but a good dose of sexual pleasure releases endorphins that go straight up to the brain and act as natural painkillers for minor problems: just the ideal remedy for a headache. So, whenever any small amount of pain threatens to spoil the party, talk to your girl and convince her to give sex a try.

Don't let tiredness be an obstacle

Most married couples have an extremely rushed lifestyle nowadays. It's no longer about having children; even before a baby arrives, husband and wife tend to submerge in a river of work while they prepare the groundings (meaning, primarily, economical funds) for what will be their “family life” in years to come.

What young couples tend to forget, nonetheless, is that there might not be any family years to come if they let their life sex die away: it's a key part of living as couple, and the lack of it will sooner or later affect the relationship. Even if you can't pull together the act during weeknights, try to always reserve a special time for intimacy during Saturdays and Sundays.

Maybe nights won't work too well even then, because you are used to losing all your stamina by sunset, but sex right in the middle of the day can be extremely exciting, so don't be shy to look for the chance and experience intercourse at noon. Another great option is sex for breakfast: find out if getting touchy right after you wake up works for you and your partner.

Men tend to have a boost of testosterone around the same moment they are opening their eyes for first time in the morning: check if it's true for you and give it a try; you might just present your partner with a terribly energetic performance.

Hang on to novelty

Everything's new for as long as you choose to make it new, so there's no excuse for acting surprised the day in which you find out sex with your partner has become boring. Make love while eating, make love in the dinner table, make love in a library, make love in a hidden range of a forest, make love while using vibrators, make love in the rain, make love in your bed, but always make sure you are experiencing the exceptionality of the moment. If you let sex become mechanical then it will soon lose its appeal to both of you.

Finally, be just as receptive and kind to your girl as you were back in the very first days you dated her. Sex for a woman starts in places very distant to bed and sexual prowess. It starts in territories of the mental, the eroticism, and the comprehension. A woman needs to feel respected, cared for, but not suffocated. If you manage to stay close and listen to her, you'll be in your way to seeing your girl experience spectacular orgasms.

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