How to Woo Her Away

Mon, 08/20/2012 - 18:03 -- kylerichtig

Have you ever met the perfect woman, only to find that she is already attached? Not all relationships are permanent. If you think you are the better candidate for the object of your affection, don't tell her show her. It will go farther to impress her.

Become the friend

Everyone wants to be heard. Befriending the object of your desire will allow you to listen to all of her likes and dislikes before attempting a move on her. When she is depressed about her boyfriend, she will have you to complain to. She will seek your advice on how to read his signals. When they do split, you will be there to pick up the pieces.

Be impressive

If you do not have the time, or don't want to gamble on being the friend, you can try next to impress her. How to impress her will depend on what her interests are. Impressing her may mean playing guitar, or it may mean having an expensive car. Save yourself some time by trying to match your objects wants with who you already are. Becoming someone else to get her will only last as long as you can keep up the guise.

Disparage him

If you have the chance to speak to the object of your affection, work on only discussing the bad points of her partner. You need not make up issues, simply only discuss her current partner in the context of his flaws. Always use examples she has provided of his behaviours as examples. It will be difficult for her to fight with her own words and opinions.

Point out other options

For some women, they will stay with a partner only because they feel that they cannot do any better. Point out real or imaginary times when others are checking her out. She will feel more attractive and will have a lower tendency to settle for what she has. The added benefit will be that she will know you think she is attractive too.

Talk about other women

Let her know that other women are seeking your attention. If she has any attachment to you, it will make her jealous and territorial. If she was not previously attracted to you, she may begin to enumerate your good qualities to understand what other women see in you.

You should only try and woo someone away when they are in a relationship that is not working for them. Be the better man by putting her interests first, not your own.

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