How to Win an Argument with Your Girlfriend?

Tue, 06/26/2012 - 10:25 -- maiya

Fights and arguments in a relationship are inevitable and if any couple thinks these problems are not predestined, so let the horizon of your wisdom get vast. For some, entertaining their sole mate is the only purpose in life, but for some victory is what they want. Excuse you, but winning over an argument or a fight with your girlfriend is certainly not a piece of cake. For women, tears are the biggest and the strongest weapon they can use whenever to win a fight. However, this is the only tool that makes men weaker in an argument. So for all the men out there, make sure you never let your girlfriend cry in an argument whether she is at fault or not.

The problem of winning an argument could be dealt easily if a man is a wise one. Control the situation in such a way that you have an upper hand with letting your girlfriend realize about it. One of the many things that could trigger a woman’s fury is when she is dictated to relax in that livid situation.

Try to interpret the situation from her point of view before holding her guilty for anything. Make them realize that you understand what they want. This would avoid your guilt trip experience for which women are the most experienced, also would help her calm down her anger. If the odds are against you, make sure you select your words wisely, very wisely indeed. The best of the men are those who do not argue with their girlfriends, instead admit defeat happily. In case of her being guilty, surrender but politely tell her the situation and how different her reaction is.

Make sure you do this deed once she is back to her senses. However, most men try throwing tantrums for the future. For all the men like these, these delicate deities can easily turn into monsters and can call on all your threats which you never really meant.

Never let your friends’ opinion about your girlfriend get in between. This would only instigate her and the situation would only be worsened for you.

Women can very wisely use your friends’ opinion about her against you without you realizing the snip of it.

The determination of winning against your girlfriend would only make you feel like a loser. That is how women are. Undoubtedly, women always have an upper hand when it comes to quarrels or arguments. But when it comes to dealing with them in such situation, tranquility and coolness are the only tools that a man has to win the most difficult battle of his life.

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Maiya Hashmi