How to Handle an Argument Between You and Your Man

Mon, 01/30/2012 - 21:52 -- amber

Inevitably, arguments are going to arise between you and your mate. It could be over a very large, significant problem or something very minute as to where you all are going to eat dinner. The key to arguments in relationships is how you handle them. There are several ways to end arguments successfully and make you and your significant other much closer.

First and foremost, if you are bothered by something that your guy is doing, then tell him about it. It’s important to communicate your feelings to one another so you aren’t continually bothered and miserable in the relationship. There’s a key to doing this successfully without hurting their feelings. Calmly sit them down and bring up the issue that you are having. Be sure to tell them what’s wrong, but also reinforce the fact that you care about them and other positive things so they aren’t left feeling down on themselves.

Yelling is never acceptable in an argument. Yelling is automatically associated with anger, and can escalate the situation into a more severe situation than it needs to be. If a problem occurs, remind your partner that you all are in a committed, healthy relationship and that you all need to resolve your problems without raising your voice. Yelling will hurt the situation more than it will help.

Texting is also frowned upon in an argument. Do not initiate a fight or continue a fight via text message. Things can be misunderstood and taken for something that they are not. If there is a problem that needs to be addressed in your relationship, talk face to face about it. This also shows one another that you care enough to handle the situation in person and that you are willing to work things out.

After a frustrating fight, be sure to always apologize and be accountable for your actions. Couples also need to leave issues in the past. Bringing up past arguments are only going to create more problems. After a fight, the best thing to heal a relationship is laughter. Always laugh with your partner, make some sort of joke. Laughing will reconnect the both of you and bring you back to where you were.

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