How to get her interested in you - Part 2

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In the first part of this article we went through the very initial steps to set up a romantic mood between you and that person you´re so fond of… now it´s time to see how you can seize the opportunity of building a relationship with her.

After the first dates you have luckily avoided the great obstacles of indecision: you have shown a clear interest in the woman you are in love with, and she has agreed to spend some time with you. She´s given you a chance –and it´s your turn to make sure you make it count. Let´s read about some further crucial stages in the road to that relationship you are longing for.

The emotional confession

You don´t have to hire a string quartet, build French chocolates and furnish her living room with hundreds of red roses… that would probably make her nervous. You really shouldn´t express your feelings in a way that seems too definitive or serious (an “I love you” at this point is rather uncomfortable for someone who still has to get used to seeing you as more than a friend). Just be honest, use simple words, and make sure you convey with a warm feeling just how much you like her (eye contact is crucial), and how this is meant in a rather long term kind of concept. You should not expect a kiss to happen after this confession: even if the chemistry is right between you two already, the fact that you´ve been friends for a long time will make her feel she needs to take things one step at a time. If a kiss didn´t spark between you two naturally before you told her how you feel, it´s not a bad sign; it just means you have to wait a little longer for the right time.

The first kiss

This is probably the hardest step in all the process. It is rather ironic, because several times kisses happen right from the very first date between two strangers, and they continue for a while even if the romantic bond is not that strong between the couple. In your case, it´ll be almost the other way around: you have been preparing a background of romantic interest and respect for each other, and if you have done things right, both of you have many more reasons to kiss than any first-daters. It is, however, precisely because of this previous history of friendship and romantic build-up that a kiss will mean too many things for you, and you´ll feel nervous to embrace the ultimate gesture of intimate affection –if things go wrong, there is no turning back from this point.

To make sure the atmosphere is as appropriate as possible, make a plan to go out for a whole day, and make sure you have too much fun during it. Prepare a really romantic round up to the evening, and when it´s time to say goodbye, say something gentle and gallant to finally break up the non-kissing inertia. I really hope this doesn´t make you uncomfortable, but I couldn´t wait any longer to do it, or something along that style, is all that it takes to make her feel ready for the kiss that´s about to come –and it also works as a sort of final countdown for you to do it without hesitation.

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From this point on things will be simpler. You´ll each have time to think about the kiss, and whether you are ready or not to start heading towards a relationship. Just make sure you don´t rush into it: you have spent a lot of time growing the roots of something very special, and she´ll be aware of that by this point. It´s again only a matter of patience until romantic interest can run freely in both directions between you two.

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