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There are many advices out there about how to hit on a woman, but if you want something more than simple seduction for a one-time thing, you might take a look at these hints to make her fall for you.

In movies it´s always simpler. Two people who know each other well, who have similar concepts of what a relationship is, and who are crazy about each other, just happen to never have mentioned their feeling. So, when he gets courageous enough, or her friend commits an indiscretion, or anything dramatic happens to push them together, they will simply meet in an incredibly romantic situation and they will share the kiss they have been dreaming about for days.

In regular life, however, things are a bit more complex. If you have this feathery feeling inside of you every time you see a particular girl, like your stomach unsettles or your chest warms with excitement, you have probably fallen for this woman whom you would love to be experiencing anything remotely similar for you.

Most of the odds tell, however (and we are really sorry to tell you this), that she has no romantic feelings whatsoever for you at this precise time. But if that´s the case (or you are not sure what you should think, but you are reading this article because you see that possibility), there is no reason to panic or feel miserable about it. There are plenty of things you can do to slowly drive a turn in her heart so she can gradually start to experience some romantic interest in you.


The very first step to see something happening between you both is to start spending time together. Start for something casual, like grabbing a drink or going to some quiet place for a coffee. Then you can progress to set up dates that are intended to last longer: maybe a trip to a short-distanced place with some attraction in it, or any activity that will allow you to spend a couple of hours with her; don´t go, however, for the obvious things. Dinner and movies can be quite fun to go through –but they are more the kind of fun you share with your friends or a girl you are already going out with. If you are dating this woman you are trying to get into you, think about things that will give you considerable time to chat pleasantly.


These initial dates should not be directed to setting up a relationship straight away; you should first manage to truly convince her you hold a deep interest in her, and then very subtly and very slowly letting her imagine ways in which she could also be attracted to you. A key element in this stage is to present her with some signs of appreciation. If you bake, you could cook some desserts to give her at the end of a date, or find a small detail (a notebook, a necklace, something very specific you know she will like because of its particular style) for her. You should of course not present her with anything too expensive, because that would build up the pressure between you both, and she might consider you slightly blunt for these overly evident displays of your attraction for her. Paying for things when you go out for dinner is of course a nice thing to do, but you ought to do it in a relaxed, almost inadvertent way, so she gets no impression whatsoever that you expect something in return.

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