How To Compliment Your Girl

Wed, 08/01/2012 - 01:01 -- maiya

It has been normally observed that the guys are not very good when it comes to compliment their love ladies. The common lines they use to lure and charm their ladies are you are looking smokin’ hot; you are such a sexy lady. It’s not that girls don’t like to hear these comments, even these comments work very well but not for long. Instead of this girls love to hear how beautiful they are or how gorgeous they look.

Though it is not always like women wants to hear how good looking they are, many times they want you to praise her for a kind of women she is, to appreciate her potentials and abilities, and the compliments that makes her feel that you want her and notice her for other traits as well. The words that appreciate your girl or the person you’re romantically engaged to, does magic in your relationship. These small compliments make your relationship healthier and make your love lady feels special and important. However, to make her special and out of this world one has to move forward from conventional line like “hey baby, you look hot”. Whatever compliment you give to your lady make sure it contains three magical and most wanted elements by women and those are appreciation, support and acceptance.

The first step towards complimenting your girl is to say anything you want to tell but with sincerity. Don’t tell her something just because you read it somewhere or heard from someone. If you are truthful in complimenting her, it will be reflected in your eyes and your girl will feel it. Nothing can flatter women than a sincere compliment from the love of their life. And remember you don’t need to practice or rehearse any lines just say it in front of your girl and she will understand it and accept it happily. Rehearsing can make those words lost their appeal so just be confident and honest.

Now you can complement your girl by saying some fancy words or even by your gestures and simple face expressions. Like staring your girl often while on date will make her feel beautiful but for some girls it can also be annoying especially on first date. You will get to know whether your girl is liking it or not by her facial expressions. If she blushes or she starts feeling shy then it means she likes it and if she looks annoyed then stop it and tell her you are sorry and you can’t help it but looking at such a beautiful creature like herself. The other way of complimenting is by words, now these can be spoken words or can be in writing. In past days poets use to write beautiful poems for their love ladies to tell them how much they love her and how beautiful they are. Writing poems these days can also work but it highly depends on your partner that whether she likes it or not.

Poems are not the only way to compliment your girls, you can send small text massages to make her day special or after having a wonderful date with her. You can even leave written notes in the morning for your lady and emails, but make sure you don’t do it very frequently else it might also turn off your girl. On other hand, no other way can diminish the charm and magic of spoken words. Specially the three magical words “I Love U” which is the most powerful and beautiful compliment you can ever give to a girl other than praising her for her beauty and skills.

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Maiya Hashmi