Girly Habits Guys Do Not Get

Sat, 06/16/2012 - 20:58 -- zena

I have always been told that men and women are different.

In fact, many believe that we are from different planets. In the past, I wondered why but now that I am older, I believe that to be true as well. This is why I decided to share about the girly habits that men just don't get.

Make Up

Women, some, if not all, need to wear make up. It doesn't matter if it is just a small amount of powder, lip gloss and lipstick. What matters most is that we have it. Sure, men will tell their partners that they do not need make up as they already look good without it but obviously, women will have a hard time trying not to apply even just a smidge of it. If you have a girlfriend or a wife who isn't make up dependent then good for you. Men think that women take too long to prepare to go out even for just regular and casual places as they need to put a lot of things on their face first. Personally, I think men should understand that their partners only want to look good not for other people but for him as well. Their partners want to look good so that they can be proud of having them with them and most of all to feel sexy as well. Yes, men, some, if not all, women feel sexy with make up on. Although this is not a common habit for all women, I guarantee that a huge percentage of the female population have this kind of habit, one way or another.


Women carrying flat shoes or more comfortable shoes wherever they go. Well, I know for men it is more practical to just wear the pair of shoes that you want to wear for a certain occasion and stick with it but for women specially those who like to wear high heeled shoes that can make their feet ache eventually after using it for so long, this is an easier alternative although not practical in a sense. Men see it senseless and a total waste of time and space to bring an extra pair of shoes just because their partners find it difficult to walk or do a lot in their high heeled shoes. For men, they believe that if you cannot use something to its full capacity then don't use it. Women however, whether fashion inclined or not, are conscious about how they look like and want to feel good. Yes, despite all the pain, bruises and cramps that high heeled shoes can bring to us, females, we still think it makes us beautiful. To some of us, beauty comes with pain. Beauty will always come with a price. I wish males would understand that.


A woman cannot be one without her purse or bag. My husband has always wondered why I need to bring a bag almost everywhere I go. Basically, I feel naked without it and feel like I need one all the time. When he takes a look inside my bag, he sees almost everything that I need. From pens, to make up, to perfume, to my water bottle to my wallet. Virtually everything that I will be needing for the day and for a female emergency is there. He even asked how the hell do I put everything on such a small bag. Well, it is a female trade secret and will never share it with anybody outside the same sex. I believe in the idea that I should be prepared for anything and luckily, my bag helps me solve that problem. Like Batman without his utility belt, I feel paralyzed without my bag. Men should go figure that one out as well.


Thongs are sexy in bed but never anywhere else. Women want to feel comfortable on their own skin and sometimes some women indulge in sexy lingerie to feel that way. Thongs might be a good tool for seducing your partner but for those who worry about their panty lines on their white pants or skin tight clothes then the thong is their best friend. Unfortunately, most men just don't get it. They ask women how they can move around with just a string in between the cheeks of their ass. Women won't or wouldn't dare explain why as they know that they would just end up feeling exasperated wishing that they never starting explaining in the first place. Women wear thongs outside not because they want to seduce other men (well, maybe some do but I'm not one of them) but rather to not feel embarrassed when they wear something that needs to match with it. Try explaining that to your partner and I know you will just roll your eyes at him in the end. Be surprised if he understands, then I am sure there is something wrong with him.


Women have their so called frenemies. Yes, we know we are fickle minded beings which is why we have frenemies. I know, I don't have a lot of them but I can admit to still having them. I can like this certain friend today and end up hating her the next day. Basically, it is a girl thing. I don't think there is a special reason behind it. Whether it is the hormones that's doing it, I don't know but this is how a woman brain works. No use questioning it if you can't fathom it.

Dress Up Time

Women take a long time to dress up. Ever heard of a fashion show in front of the mirror before heading out somewhere? Well, normally, that is how women are. We cannot deny the fact that we all want to look good when other people see us outside. Basically for us, if we don't look right outside, we feel insecure and ugly. Although some women aren't that conscious, I believe most women are. Honestly, not having a huge mirror or even a small one at home has somewhat made me feel less womanly. Without seeing my reflection before going anyone, strips me off of my womanhood. I just feel so incomplete without it. Sometimes I feel bad not being able to see how my clothes look on me before wearing them. What can I say? We, women, are vain little creatures. We just do not admit to it most of the time.


Women need to pluck their eyebrows. Although I have never done it, I feel like at some point I have to. Essentially, a woman's eyebrows need to be shaped into a more decent and for some, more seductive form. Many say that a make over can never be complete without having a good eyebrow plucking. This is not exceptional to women but for men as well. If only they would agree to it. I am sure many women would have a feast in that one.

Nail Polish

Lastly, women and nail polish. Women whether they have long nails or short ones, like wearing nail polish. What can I say? I just recently have become a fan but due to my busy schedule, I have opted to just keep my nails clipped all the time and without the usual different nail polish every two weeks, I feel like my hands look bland. I think women like nail polish because it makes them feel playful. Some say that a woman's nail polish design and color tells you of what she is feeling. Although this is not exactly accurate as for some women, their nail polish can last longer than a week so I cannot say that they have the same mood then. You know how moody everybody is, most of all women. Men don't get why we need to change our nail polish often and why we even do it. To them applying nail polish on our nails and even buying them are both a waste of our time and money.

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. That is the common belief of everyone but I guess they are right. There are just some things that men will never understand about women and vice versa. I don't think it is because of the lack of trying to understand, I believe it is because we are both different species despite the fact that we are both of the human race. So, the next time your partner does something you don't understand, don't reprimand him/her, just go with it instead. That way your partner will do the same thing for you. Problem solved.

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