Communication Is The Essence Of a Relationship

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 02:03 -- maiya

If asked what are the essential building blocks of a perfect relationship, the common answer one get are; trust, love, honesty and care.

Here we emphasize on the base rock of the foundation of any relationship and that is - Communication.

No relationship can survive without communication because it serves as a medium of connection and understanding between two people. It is the fundamental reason for a bond between two people.

In most situations of conflicts and disagreements the main problem has proved to be the lack of communication. Small arguments and differences often lead to massive disputes that have blown out of proportion mainly and simply because there was a difference of opinion that could have been solved through a conversation and mutual understanding.

Intimacy or closenessCommunication is the foundation of any strong and healthy relationship. It is the conscious decision to not just hear the other person out but also peacefully work through their respected problems.

Communication is the key to a good relationship; it is the essence of an understanding between two people who wish to stay connected and relevant to one and other. Communication and connection go hand in hand with one and other, because they complete each other in their cause of uniting two people through an unsaid and unexplainable bond.

Communication is vital in any relationship; it does not necessarily have to be between two people joined in matrimony but in any type of relationship, For example; a parent and their child, siblings, different family members and even between friends.

A misunderstanding in a communication can often lead to a bad relationship, because it causes a strain between two people. This mainly happens because people often avoid conflict or confrontation which in turn then leads to a misconception due to assumptions or a third party involvement; or mishaps of these similar patterns.

Often communication is mistaken as making ones point clear to another person. But if we actually understand it’s about articulating our opinions and feelings in a mature and calm way where one can get their point across and understand what the other person wants.

Being a good communicator means that one should have the ability to be a good listener without being judgmental and also to not have pre-conceived notions. It’s about being open minded and accepting of the other person, paying attention to detail and to remain interested.

Good communication is also often mistaken for being frank. One does not always have to say as they feel, because what we feel may not always be a mutual feeling and this may lead to feelings being hurt or a message being taken in a wrong way. Being clear and to the point is important but it should at the same time be cordial.

Intimacy or closenessIntimacy or closeness cannot be formed between two people who are having a hard time communicating, because there is a lot of frustration and un-said words along with feelings that have not been displayed hence it is vital for any one in any kind of relationship to not only talk and be heard but also listen.

Avoiding conflict is not hard, all that is needed is a good and open mind that is welcome to other opinions and the patience to hear and understand different ideas and perspectives. By simply doing this awkward situations and misunderstandings can be easily avoided.

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Maiya Hashmi