Cheating Is Okay!

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 01:28 -- amber

Is cheating in a relationship ever okay? Yes! Some people may find this answer appalling, while others will fight the logic of cheating to the very end; however, the fact remains that cheating is natural and often encouraged in our society. Scientific theories argue that cheating is bred into all of us because humans weren’t meant to be monogamous. Men have an undeniable need to spread their seed, while women desire numerous partners to discover which one will be the overall better mate. This theory levels cheating in a relationship down to basic human instinct and primal urge.

In several recent Internet polls, over 79% of partners say they’ve thought about cheating on their significant others; while 43% have actually followed through with it, and 19% have continued to cheat on a regular basis. The other percentage of people who said they’ve never considered it, are probably lying. Just because you’re happy with certain aspects of your long-term relationship does not mean lustful urges towards others has dissipated.

There’s no magic button that you can push to make your desires disappear when it comes to experiencing other women or men. So, why bother? Why subject yourself to a monogamous relationship when your mind and body are fighting so hard against it? It goes against our nature as human beings and animals!

Some people struggle to define “cheating” because they feel that certain things would be acceptable in their relationship, while others would be deal breakers. A few examples of what people consider “cheating” would be: kissing someone else, watching pornography, sexting, cybersex, masturbating alone, oral sex or intercourse with someone else; and the list goes on.

The consensus of those who cheat has been that their partners think of them as property rather than significant others to share their life with. Just because you suddenly enter into a loving relationship, it doesn’t mean your sexual needs become immediately reserved for that person alone; and it also doesn’t mean your body becomes theirs only. Ultra possessive people justify their cheating partners’ actions simply by trying to control them. As long as they come home to you by the end of the night, who’s to say sex with someone else makes you both any less of a couple?

Cheating in a relationship is your way of “having your cake and eating it too,” and as long as you’re upfront about your infidelity, there shouldn’t be a problem. I’d consider it a bigger hurtful sin to be dishonest about wanting to nail someone else. A few cheating men that were interviewed for this article said that what their women don’t know, won’t hurt them; and this isn’t necessarily true because all cheaters will eventually get caught.

If your main lover knows they are the reason you come home in the evening, then having sex with a stranger who you don’t love isn’t a big deal. It’s all about how you manipulate the emotional aspects within your relationship, and how understanding you and your partner can be. While cheating in most circumstances is okay, you can’t be the hypocrite who says your partner can’t have a few flings too.

In a perfect world, we would enter into a relationship knowing exactly what our partners expect and what they expect of us. We could have multiple lovers to fulfill our sexual desires, while having our main relationship for intimacy, love, and communication. Even the best relationships can’t have all of these aspects, and there’s always still the chance that one or both partners are considering cheating. At least by discussing your belief that cheating is okay, you’ll weed out those who would feel jealous and wounded otherwise.

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Amber Hoffman

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