5 Ways to End a Relationship

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 20:11 -- kylerichtig

There are many ways to end a relationship. Most of us have had a relationship end, and not know why until it was over. Here are some classic ways to end your relationship that have been tested over the ages.

Unrealistic Expectations

Realistic expectations keep one feeling safe in a relationship. For example, believing a partner is faithful when there is no contrary evidence is healthy. Believing that a partner should be working harder and harder to give you a better lifestyle would be unrealistic. The expectations you have of your partner are complicated and based on your life experience. With the same regard, your partner's expectations are shaped the same way. Have frank conversations about your expectations early in relationships to avoid later disappointment.

I Can Change Him or Her

The obvious information here is that a person must want to change for change to occur. The trap is that people will often measure change as an indicator of how much their partner loves them, i.e. "You would quit smoking if you loved me." The guilt weapon that is launched actually makes the sender feel worse in the end when their victim does not change.

Breaking Trust

Trust can be broken in many ways. Relationships rarely survive major trust issues. Even if the relationship does continue, it is forever changed. Keep your partner's secrets, do not gamble away the nest egg or have affairs. Once trust is broken, it is nearly impossible to ever fully atone.

Emotional Affairs

Emotional affairs with co-workers or friends often lead to the death of relationships. If you find yourself in the middle of an emotional affair, you may wish to ask yourself how and why. Was it simply that your partner wasn't fulfilling you? Were you pulling away too much? The acceptance of an emotional affair generally means it is time to take a serious look at your primary relationship.

Growing Apart

Most couples use the excuse of growing apart to explain their relationship's demise. Growing apart does not happen overnight, if it happened at all. Notice how much time you spend with your partner, and what the quality is of that time. Make time that you can spend together that does not involve bills, work or parenting. It is O.K. to have separate interests, as long as those interests do not dominate your time.

Avoid these 5 classic relationship enders for a greater chance of success in your relationship. Make time for your partner, and think about their needs too. Common sense and awareness are your best tools!

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