when you are in a relationship, how often do you masturbate?


I am currently thinking i might be a little weird, and have an extremely high libido. Before i started dating my boyfriend, i never watched porn to get off and i could go a while without masturbating, and i would just occasionally have a ONS and be just fine.

Now ive been dating my boyfriend for about 7 months, im 22, we have sex just about every day, sometimes up to seven times a day, it doesnt really get in the way of school or work for either of us, just we are sometimes tired, and fueled by coffee.

i have just found myself, lately, watching porn and masturbating a lot more too. I had sex this morning, watched porn this afternoon, and fully expect to get laid when i get off work tonight. This is a daily routine at this point..

I dont think that it is unhealthy, but i may be wrong. I feel like i am becoming obsessed with sex.



I've found that the more sex I have, the more I masturbate. I think it's a combination of having new erotic memories to think about, and just the (note: I am no biologist/scientist) excess hormones running through my body.

On a day when I don't see my SO at all, I'll probably masturbate twice. If I see him for part of the day, I'll probably masturbate once. If I'm with him all day, I don't need to masturbate because he's always willing to help me out with my urges :-).

Outside of a relationship (and I don't have sex outside of relationships), I would say I might masturbate once or twice a week.

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