I'm a fairly confident gal planning to surprise my boyfriend by tying myself up and letting him find me. Not feeling 100% confident anymore.


Help me smooth out my plan!

He bought me a whole bunch of sex toys a couple months ago that we haven't had a chance to use together yet. I feel pretty shitty about receiving such a lovely gift and not using them. I want to make it up to him.

So I plan to have myself sitting upright against the headboard; arms tied to the top corners, legs spread and tied apart. I will be wearing a corset, inflatable butt plug (not inflated; gives him something to have fun with), thigh high stockings, a blindfold and a ball gag. On the bed between my spread legs I will place a few dildos and vibrators, a flogger, lube and a piece of paper that reads "I'm your fuck doll for the night. Have fun"

My biggest concern is if he's not in the mood, or in the middle of something that I didn't know about... this could be very awkward for me. I'm not normally worried about rejection but it'll be harder for me to shake off if I'm all turned on, tied up and gagged...

I know that you are not my boyfriend, but guys/gals what would you do if you found your partner like this? I'd like to think that it's an "offer he can't refuse" and I can't think of any acceptable reasons to leave me sitting there, but what if he does?

Has anyone ever done something like this before? At the moment I still feel that it's worth the risk to do it. I know he'd be sweet about it if he did have to turn me down. I'm trying not to think about it too much which is proving to be quite difficult for me.

Is there anything else I can prepare to make it super fun for him?

Also, I like to think that I am fairly adept at the art of face fucking, but I was curious about those numbing sprays marketed towards being able to deep throat easier. Does it help?

Is there anything I'm not considering? My partner and I are in a long term, committed relationship. 21F/25M. We both are sick fuckers with high libidos (although I have never done anything like this before). I have complete trust in him. My safeword is banana hammock.

I'll also think of some kind of tune to hum if I have a ball gag in and can't use my safeword. I can't think of one right now, but I will.



It sounds very hot. The only thing I would consider doing is sending him texts throughout the day to prepare him. Hint at what is to come. Tell him you have a sexy surprise. If he is really not in the mood you will gauge his response before setting yourself up so vulnerably. Also, most people love the build up and tease. Perhaps send him pictures with the various toys used individually on you as a sort of bread crumb trail.

The other caution is to be sure that you don't restrain yourself in a way that doesn't allow you to release yourself. It is incredibly dangerous to be tied to a bed and gagged if you don't have a way to get out if your boyfriend gets delayed or an emergency occurs.

Oh those numbing sprays/mints/whatevers suck (no pun intended). They tend to taste bad and not really numb at all, or at least the numbing is similar to anbesol/orajel to me anyway. Can't really give any other advice here besides that.

Good luck!

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