How do I give my new uncircumcised boyfriend head?


Of course, I've already asked him this question myself, but my hand is usually on his dick at that point and the answer is always "hnnng that's fine." I don't want fine, I want "holy fuckkkkkggggnnnnnng"

He's the first uncircumcised guy I've been with, and I feel that all my tricks and tongue-mazing abilities are more suited to circumcised genitalia. I want to know how to use my tongue to bring him to maximum pleasure.

Can anyone share tips or link me to a particularly clear porn that I can study?

I've been working on deep throating but he's the biggest guy I've been with and he makes my jaw hurt. Any advice on that situation would be welcome.



The first thing to note is foreskin mechanics. Start by trying a handjob. Wrap your hand around his shaft, and jerk him off. The foreskin will reduce friction between your hand and the shaft in a positive way (that is to say, he will feel the pressure, but you don't need as much lube), and the foreskin should come over and off the head of his cock in a stimulating and fun way.

After you familiarize yourself with the way the foreskin moves, you need to be aware of a few things. First, the head is normally more sensitive than the heads of circumcised cocks, because it doesn't get constant stimulation. It hides behind the foreskin, and doesn't brush up against cloth all day. On one hand, this means that all of your tricks and tongue-mazing abilities are even cooler, but on the other hand, you may have to dial back intensity. When bobbing up and down on his cock with your mouth and/or hand, you should aim to make the foreskin glide (as in a handjob). However, if performing more tongue-oriented shit, it may be better to use a hand to hold back the foreskin. You shouldn't have to do much, just keep your hand by the base and have some light tension on the foreskin. It naturally bunches up behind the coronal ridge, so it already tries to avoid going over the head. Every guy likes having their foreskin played with, just some more than others. Experiment.

When deepthroating, you shouldn't have to do anything to the foreskin. I've never not had a foreskin, so there's no basis for comparison, but it feels pretty damn amazing. Because the head is more sensitive, you don't necessarily need to give it as much direct stimulation, so deepthroating is great in that respect. Plus, deepthroating is just great. As you can tell, I'm a big fan of deepthroating, but this is likely just personal preference. It is by no means required for a quality blowjob, particularly if he's big.

Because of the gliding motion of the foreskin, jacking him off should be easier. This opens up the option of focusing more heavily on ball play, jacking him off with one hand as you lick and suck his balls and scrotum. In general, the foreskin opens up lots of hand techniques. The porn star Jenna Haze is known for her use of hands, which applies double for big cocks.

Some people say that the foreskin causes hygiene problems. These people generally fall into two categories: those without foreskin, or those without soap. So long as your boyfriend showers and cleans himself, he'll be fine. If he isn't, don't let it turn you off foreskins -- they're great!

Source: I have a foreskin. It's great.

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