Hoping to go for a G-spot orgasm and would appreciate some tips!


I consider myself a very sexual person, but I have never been able to have a G-spot orgasm! I've been with 9 partners now and while I am able to give myself orgasms during sex via clitoral stimulation, my partners are never able to get me anywhere (they have made me squirt, but it was not coupled to an orgasm).

Anyway, I've started fooling around with a guy who seems to have a map of my vagina on the back of his hand. He's gone down on me three times so far, and has successfully made me climax all three times :) (only happened once in my life before!). He pretty much found my G-spot instantly and it seriously takes a load of stress off of me. So because I'm so comfortable now, I want to go a step further and climax from penetration.

So, ladies, what can I do? I have found my G-spot before, but it wasn't exactly the most comfortable thing to stimulate (it almost hurts a little). I really only like it when I'm also stimulating myself clitorally, and then have a strong clitoral orgasm. Do I just push through this feeling? Also, do you think I should practice by myself first?


Sorry, I'm a man, but let me tell you what has worked with the girlfriend I have who has never had a vaginal climax before me. In and out thrusting ought not be in-out at a perpendicular angle. Rather, your partner should angle his penis up so that it's rubbing against the "ceiling" of your vagina where your g spot is. This can be achieved by his pelvis being lower than yours when you're fucking face to face. So, for example, if you're on your back and he's on his knees he can spread his legs into a more obtuse angle to get the angle on you. Or, if he's fucking you on the edge of the bed with you on your back and he's standing up, he can squat a little to get the angle.

This coupled with digital clitoral stimulation always does the trick for my lady where she has an orgasm using her entire cunt and not just her g spot or clit.

I hope this helps a little. Good luck. Happy bangin'.

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