Have you ever had a BJ (or any oral) that felt better than actual intercourse?


Unsurprising: I really love my BJ's.

Aside from the physical pleasure aspect, they just do something great to my ego. I feel more wanted than I do with "mere intercourse" (hey, any woman can just bend over, but a woman who goes to town on you with her mouth... that person WANTS you!), it feels like a "very deep form of affection" to me, and if I get a good one and she swallows I am just walking on air for days and will do any nasty chore that needs to get done.

In the past I've had some amazing BJ's from some very special women that felt better than sex, not only for the above reasons but also due to a physical aspect. It sort of makes sense, control of muscles in the mouth must have greater potential than control of muscles in the vagina, but the women who have savored this skill/indulgence/potential have been few and far between.

I've also dated women who can only get off with oral. Obviously, in those cases, the oral must (ultimately at least) feel better to them than the intercourse.

I have gotten to feel that oral in particular is kind of a "sexual chemistry litmus test" (I know that some here will disagree, especially if you're younger, I just hit 41) because I've always felt more like going down on someone the more I wanted them physically.

Anyone have any thoughts or experiences or insights on this?


Well, I haven't had it happen to me, but apparently I did it to a guy I saw for a bit a few years back. :s

He and I sort of hooked up on a whim, we hadn't seen each other in years (we knew each other in middle school, and this was during college years, sooo... Quite a lot had changed since we last spoke :p ), and basically looked at each other and said "Eh, why not?"

Long story short, after a little teasing, he leaned back in his chair and pulled his pants down, and I got to work. Not knowing his favorite ways to be touched and pleasured, I just gave him everything I had and gauged how I was doing by the moans I got out of him. I caressed and massaged his thighs, deepthroated, teased his sack, all that. I love sucking cock, so I was absolutely going to town on him, and he knew that I was loving it just as much as he was, possibly more.

When I eventually did get him off, I was sure cum was about to spurt out my nose, he came so hard. ^~^ He kind of sat there in shock as I eagerly swallowed every last drop, and told me point blank that nobody had ever gotten him to cum like that before.

After a little bit of idle chat, he was ready to go again, and this time, he wanted to fuck me silly.

Side note: What made this encounter different was that, when he and I used to know each other, I was a boy. At the time we met again, I was taking hormone replacement therapy and living as a woman. Maybe it was that he wasn't into anal, or that he couldn't get over the fact that I still had my male parts, but he didn't seem to be enjoying it as much as I was. He still finished, though, although it took a bit.

After, he confirmed that he didn't really enjoy fucking me at all. That said, he told me that I'd given him hands down the best blowjob of his entire life. I jokingly offered to give his next girlfriend some lessons, and after a short bit of playing Gears of War 2 co-op, I left.

To date, as far as I know, nobody has topped that night for him in the BJ department. We talk occasionally, but that's about it, anymore.

Kind of dampened my ego a bit that my ass wasn't much fun to him, but I guess it at least confirmed that I knew what I was doing with my oral skills. :s

TL:DR No, but I gave a guy one that went down in his record books, but he didn't like the sex. Sadface.

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Toward the end of my Sophomore year in college, I dated this guy for a bit. We were really into each other and it felt like things were getting serious quickly. Over the summer he invited me to go on vacation with his family. I want to share my experience here.

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