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Earlier I had some pretty awesome sex. One thing led to another and well... I got it in the butt, fully, for the first time. It was awesome. Except there's one little problem. My ass is bleeding. It's not a whole lot but every time I go to check on it there's a little blood. We used a bunch of lube, went slow at first, little to no pain during and no pain now. Not even a dull ache or burn anywhere. Should I be concerned?

Obviously if I bleed for more than a few hours or a day I gotta call a doc. If/when we go at it again do we need more lube? More stretching prep? Help a butt newbie out.


Totally normal. You could get a butt plug and use it to help stretch the muscles. It's not an "in and out" toy though, it's to be placed in the anus to help train the muscles to be stretched and left there for a period of time.

Start with something that is slightly pointed at the top and not too wide at the bottom. You can increase the base width as it gets easier to insert and hold. You could get one that vibrates, that makes sex a lot more fun! Best way to insert is by lying on your side, knees bent to your chest, as the muscles will relax easier in that position.

I personally prefer a silicone based lube to a water based lube as the water based ones will get sticky and tacky after a while. The only problem with the silicone based ones is they'll stain your sheets, so use with a towel or on not so nice sheets that you don't care if they get ruined. Just remember to stay relaxed, and like I said before, this isn't and "in and out" penetrating toy. It's meant to go in and stay put for a period of time to train your muscles.

If the bleeding is light in colour and only minor, there's really nothing to worry about. You may have just caused a minor tear in the surrounding tissue.

Amber Hoffman

I am writer and editor at Bedroom Stories online magazine, writing about sexual relationships and better understanding our lives. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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