Can't stand the taste when my guy ejaculates in my mouth and I feel like a jerk


I don't have the heart to just come out and say, "I don't want to swallow because I hate the taste." I don't even want to catch it in my mouth anymore, because if I spit it somewhere, I can still taste it as it goes over my tongue. It literally makes me cringe (and then gag) if I taste it anymore.

I have talked to him about it and sort of alluded to the fact that I find it offensive, but I just can't come out and tell him I don't give him blowjobs to completion anymore because I cannot stand the taste. In all honesty I never did; I just put up with it in the beginning to please him and I think forcing myself to do it made me dislike it even more.

I feel like an asshole because he goes down on me without complaint (loves it, and says so) but I haven't let him get off in my mouth in months. I DO still go down on him a lot, just not until he gets off.


Two sexual suggestions, if you haven't tried them already:

  • The taste of cum is highly influenced by a guy's diet. Junk food, red meat, and dairy is bad; fruits, veggies, and plenty of water are good. Maybe that's why it tastes so bad?
  • When he's about to cum, take him as deep as you can and swallow continuously. Hopefully his load will slide straight down your throat and you will not really be able to taste a thing.

One nonsexual suggestion: if all else fails and you just can't stand it, just be honest. In a non-sexual situation, sit him down and explain that you have been trying your best, but you dislike the taste and would prefer not to give him BJs to completion, and try to come up with some way you can both be satisfied.

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